Thursday, 11 June 2009

Floating Studio, Be It Ever So Humble

With a title like this, perhaps you were expecting this or maybe something like this

But, be ever so humble, there's no place like our own canoe. I usually bring some art supplies along on our trips. Sometimes it's my tiny box of watercolors and Niji brushes. Sometimes it's only a pencil and paper. I'm lucky that the captain of our little boat supports the occasional mutiny of the first mate! But to be fair, we really need an anchor so someone does not have to keep us pointing away from danger.

Recently, I learned how to use the tiny film function on my camera and here is a tiny snippet of a canoe trip.

You can see another snippet of video from the same triphere


annie said...

Wonderful, Lindsay, I love to go minimalist--in my imagination, I mean--and I follow each of you who do it, with joy. So I love the Mini Movies, here, especially the second one, because you show a little of the canoe ahead of you, and that immediately turned you into us--making me convinced I was there...What a peaceful moment... Thank you...A canoe or kayak and a mini palette seem the perfect combination.

Lindsay said...

My pleasure Annie! I'm glad you get to be a vicarious sailor. I highly recommend it or even as a friend of mine does, a little row boat works well too! Anything for us crazy watery types.

Africantapestry and Myfrenchkitchen said...

Well! I can finally say I joined you on a canoe trip!

Making A Mark said...

Wow - you're going to have do more of these. I can see why you like your canoe so much!

Tina Mammoser said...

I love it! The studio is wherever the sketchbook is right? ;) You've inspired me too, I think the parents have a small boat I could take out (from the big boat, which I can't manage on my own).

Sarah said...

Lovely, more vedio snippets please, I love seeing what others take out sketching with them. I find it is a bit like packing for a holiday and i ALWAYS take far too much. I would love an'umble canoe in fact that was what I had in mind for my floating studio but my dearest had other plans, I can paddle canoes but cant fathom out sails and gibbets or whatever they are. so More film please.

Lindsay said...

laughing here...I'll film more if you do! Katherine suggested this to me and I think it was a brilliant idea.

Yes,I always pack more than I need too. But lately, I'm really trying to pack only what I want to paddle through the water. I'm thinking about bringing my oil box now that I've been out once with it on dry land. I'll lash it to the boat just in case.

I'm sure in another month, you'll be a salty dog with those ropes and the business of sailing:>)
Plus, you can always add to your armada with an ebay canoe any time you want. Craig and I have taken Leakey out on Lake Michigan but only in the early morning calm. Several people die each year from boating accidents in the Great Lakes. I can hardly imagine what sea canoing would be like in the rough seas of Cornwall! Maybe like class 7 rapids.

Lindsay said...

Tina, I think you will have a wonderful time. One of our readers,Laura, (not Laura F) has a dorey called Lulu that she and her husband fish from in the Delaware Bay. Lovely!! It's so peaceful with no engine...not gas expenses and quiet! Does your camera do video? Hope you bring back some footage from your trip.

Ronell, that's exactly what someone else said on my other site!

Katherine, it was your idea to get me filming so see what happened? I was going to get a video camera but still shopping aorund for a good one. In the mean time, this works pretty well.

Anonymous said...

Great idea, plein air with a difference. Very inspiring... now where did I put those sea legs?!