Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Introducing Lindsay Olson

In the Spring of 2006, Vivien posted about the launch of her Inland Waterways Project. I was instantly smitten with the idea of creating a body of work around bodies of water.I have always enjoyed the out doors and have a special affinity for water. I need to be around water as much as I need to drink it. It cleanses me, balances me, restores me and in short, feeds my soul.

Now I'm entering my third year working on the Waterways Project. Immersing myself in the project has changed my work in ways I could not have imagined. And I will be sharing this in future posts.

The slide show gives you some idea of the wet areas around my home near Chicago. Even in this area of dense population, it's possible to find tranquillity on the streams, rivers and lakes.

Last Spring, my husband and I purchased a battered old aluminum canoe we affectionately call "The Leaky Cauldron" and have been mad paddlers ever since. We entered the Des Plains River Marathon in May (and did not finish last).

As an artist, what I most search for is meaning. I'd like to use my Waterways Project to raise awareness of the degradation of the rivers, lakes and streams related to human activity.After a summer of paddling on rivers that were both class "A" (The Kishwaukee) and rivers with floating sewage (one section of the Salt Creek), I'd like to see more being done to clean up the illegal dumping that occurs. Eventually, I'll donate some of these paintings to raise money for an organization involved in supporting clean water legislation and enforcement.

I am looking forward to many more watery adventures in our canoe and in my art work. I'm thankful to Vivien for not only inviting me to join such excellent, creative company here at Watermarks but for inspiring me to begin the Waterways Project. I hope you enjoy sharing in our love of all things wet and wild.

To follow the Waterways Project and more, visit my blog, Non-Linear-Arts

Several of us are involved in a web site called Paintmaps
It's a lovely way to connect with other landscape artists and see the location where their art is created.

This is a painting from part I of the Waterways Project

Spring Peepers: Zion, IL Spring 08

oil pastel and graphite on paper

Here are two oil pastels created this fall. Both are 12" x 12" 30cm x 30cm

Lake Michigan #5

Lake Michigan # 8


laureline said...

Beautifully written and presented, Lindsay. I'd lost track of time---how amazing that you're in your third year of the Waterways project!
I loved seeing the photos of the watery parts of your life.

Katherine Tyrrell said...

You've raised the stakes Lindsay - I now need a slideshow! ;)

Seriously - I love the combination of the photos and the paintings and your writing about what motivates you. It's so fascinating the way that even taking one subject we all have a different perspective.

Robyn said...

Many of us must wish we could hop into that intrepid little canoe with you, Lindsay. Congratulations on your voyage of discovery and so many beautiful water paintings already achieved.

muddy red shoes said...

I love the slide show too, gives me a real sense of place, I hope everyone does a slide show of the water in their lives. I think the colours in your work are beautiful.

Anonymous said...

The slide show is a great idea Lindsay, I enjoyed seeing the area around you. And your marks are beautiful...the spring peepers a favourite since the first time I saw it! I'm so looking forward to see your future work here!

Lindsay said...

Thanks all. I was inspired by Jeanette's YouTube vidio of her area. It is nice to see the places where we all live.

I agree to Katherine that it will be interesting to see what motivates all of us.

Lindsay said...

Robyn, if you ever get State Side you are welcome for a ride!

vivien said...

A great intro Lindsay - I loved the slide show and the incorporation of monochrome images , beautiful it really did give a flavour of the area. The path through the dunes was rather like parts of North Norfolk

The motivation is interesting too - KJ too cares about pollution and is a member of Surfers Against Sewage - eeegh the idea of surfing and meeting up with unmentionable detritus doesn't bear thinking about !

I'll definitely put slide shows tother for the future of 'my' Cornwall and the local waterways.

Nice to revisit images too.

muddy red shoes said...

Surfers Against Sewage...are they surfing, or just going through the motions!

Jeanette said...

Fabulous piece Lindsay. The slide show was a great idea. The colours in your work are so lovely. Why haven't I immersed myself in water more deeply before?

....just going through the motions...snicker, snicker

annie said...

It's been fun getting to know you, Lindsay, through FLYING PICTURES, and now to follow you along via your blog and WATERMARKS. I, too, love the slide show and agree with Sarah that it gives such a sense of place,
not to mention the beauty that it gives to paintings on FLYING PICTURES and on all of your blogs where it is beginning to be used.

vivien said...

going through the motions ....



Lindsay said...

Thanks everyone.
Vivien, I'm at least in a canoe...surfing with sludge seems very risky. Some places, we dare not put hand to face.
Jeanette...just treading water (sorry, I could not resist)

Thanks annie. I actually finished up Robyn's book for's over. sniff sniff.

Gesa said...

Lindsay... great slide show and great intro. I am so curious to see what everyone will be doing with the different waterscapes around them.

caseytoussaint said...

Beautiful work, Lindsay - I am especially enchanted by the last one, which borders on abstraction. Having seen some of your work in person, I know that the originals are even better than the computer images.

Lindsay said...

Thanks Gesa and Casey. It's going to be lots of fun!!!