Sunday, 12 July 2009

It's only half a hundred!

Today I hope you'll join us all in wishing Sarah a really splendid day today - celebrating her 50th birthday at her party on a beach in Cornwall.

Below you can find some pictures we've created and a few words we've written by way of......

a Blogging Birthday Card to the Birthday Girl!


Happy birthday Sarah!
May the waves never be small and the horizon never come closer and may the "sailing" always be challenging!

...s@#$'s getting heavier every year!!...

Jeanette: Sarah, Happy Birthday. I hope your day is everything you want it to be and that you spend time with family and friends who give you pleasure.

Fifty years is a milestone that some dread, and others look forward to. Although I have been there a few years ahead of you, I can.t offer many words of advice that ease the path towards your next milestone in life. Just keep doing what you're doing, its obviously working very well.

Laura: Happy Big Birthday, Sarah! No need to go looking for the fountain of youth--it is found in the act of painting!

Lindsay: Sarah, welcome to the very democratic group of "over 50". Thou' you can't be 20 on Sugar Mountain, you can sure be any age you want anywhere else! Many Happy Returns of The DAY!!!

Katherine: Sarah - Many congrats on reaching a really great age! This is not a time for feeling "over the hill" - it's a time for standing tall and looking out at the sweeping vistas of what still lies in front of you!

Have a great birthday party down on the beach - I wish I was there!

Vivien: Happy Birthday Sarah!

Have a great day with good friends, good food, wine and the sea - what more could anyone want? :>)

Here's to you sailing on painting for another 50 <>


Pam Johnson Brickell said...

Happy Birthday, Sara!! How wonderful to receive such lovely wishes. Have a wonderful new trip around the sun. Next year you can be dyslexic and be 15 again :)

Sarah said...

OH WOW...thank you all so much, just logged on to quickly scan my emails and found this, you are all so lovely, I am quite choked now...thankyou! xxxxxxxxx

Cathy Gatland said...

Happy Birthday Sarah - enjoy your party on the beach - look forward to enjoying your beautiful paintings and sketches for the next fifty...

vivien said...


Tina Mammoser said...

Happy Happy half century Sarah! Sorry I didn't contribute but thinking candles and cake for you. :) The fun part starts at 50, right? Wheee!

Gesa said...

Dear Sarah! I hope you've had a fantastic day and wish you all the best for the future!
I'm late - not only with my wishes but also for having joined Katherine and the others who pulled together this fabulous post!
Happy birthday!

annie said...

Wonderful tribute to Sarah. I want to add my best wishes to the bunch-- Many many more years of many many more exciting discoveries and many many more paintings, Sarah...