Saturday, 15 August 2009

North Norfolk Salt Marsh Harbours

Boat in the harbour, Brancaster Staithe. photograph: Vivien Blackburn

The North Norfolk coast is totally unlike the Cornish coast - unlike the wild seas, steeper beaches and coves, clean sand and rugged cliffs of the south western tip of England, the coast here is softer, gentler, muddier from the silt washed down from rich farmland. I have to admit I love the wildness of Cornwall more but this area has its own charm.

Photographs of Thornham creek and Brancaster Staithe, North Norfolk

There is a short section of cliff at Hunstanton but most of the coast is salt marsh. Inland are low hills that dip down to flat land, fields that were once marsh but have been drained, marsh and dunes.

The cottage I sketched recently on my blog was being thatched with reed from this area - just a little further along the coast at Cley.

The harbours have creeks that thread to the sea through channels - the sea only reachable at high tide.

You may recognise some of these places in sketches and paintings on my sketchbook site and main website


Dr Michelle Frantom (aka Dr Grafix aka Munted Doll) said...

Nice. I subscribe to a few blogs and write one of my own. But I am always amazed at the generosity of people sharing their images and words. Thanks.

Making A Mark said...

As you say - it's so very different. Nice to see your photos of the area - that one with the red boat is a stunner!

vivien said...

thank you both :>)

I took loads more

annie said...

I love the slide show, Vivien. The views are So different from Mawgan Porth, which I also love... The three photos of the grasses look like wonderful fun for your mixed media work-- that third one that sprays out and has so many lights in it, is beautiful.

Sarah said...

Lush, looks like it could be quite a moody place. I very much enjoy differences.

vivien said...

very moody, yes Sarah

Annie - did you mean the thistles or the grasses? I did a big drawing from the close ups of thistles today - it's on my blog today

Making A Mark said...

How weird - this has just appeared as a post in my inbox - as if posted yesterday!