Monday, 12 October 2009

Dawn: in progress, not yet finished

A quick update on Dawn. This is the stage it's currently at - with the previous 2 stages below.

The beach is a crescent, with the village at the lower end, facing north, so the sun would rise on the right side of it (as seen from the village) and set on the left, behind the lifeboat station and harbour - so it was always beautiful.

The middle one wasn't quite so grey, it was the warm artificial light that bleached the blue out of it. The bottom one wasn't quite so blue - so difficult to get the balance right in the photos. The clouds are a little bit paler but otherwise this latest image is pretty close to the original.

It's nearly there. It's a balancing act of keeping enough light in it that it isn't too overwhelming and dark on a wall - but keeping that early dawn, rocks lost in darkness and not seen too clearly feeling.

plein air sketches of dawn from a nearby viewpoints:


and here

and here

c&c welcome :>)


Laura Frankstone said...

Just gorgeous, Vivien---but there's no surprise in that. You are a wonderful painter.

vivien said...

< blush > thank you!