Saturday, 9 January 2010

New Year Project - thinking around ideas

Runswick Bay, Yorkshire, pen. Vivien Blackburn

A big local art group I belong to has an annual project which can be interesting to take part in. The work is then exhibited at the local museum - the topic is usually linked to work in their collection, though one year it was linked to the comedy festival.

We've been given about a dozen paintings and sculptures on show in the museum, by a range of artists from a range of eras, to look at to spark off ideas. Work needs to come from these, not simply be a reworking or copy. The 2 that interest me are a cottage by John Piper and a maquette by Moore. I need to go in and do some sketching from them and some research.

I've liked Piper's work for years, with their interesting marks and textures, so that appeals the most. I also like the sensuous curves of Henry Moore's sculpture - which I may/may not combine with marks and textures reminiscent of Piper. It's on a first-day-of-thinking-about-it stage of development just now. I'll check back in from time to time with progress.

The drawing above is one I considered developing in collage, charcoal, ink and paint.

I thought I'd work from some my old sketches -the information I need is there, they were done plein air but they languish in sketchbooks and need developing.

Links to just some of the work I might develop for this project - I'm undecided at the moment - any thoughts? I only need 3 paintings maximum.

The Crowns, Botallack - I wasn't happy with this and would like to do something more interesting

Sketch of the Crowns

The canal in the city

Canal boats at the marina

Charlestown harbour

Brancaster Staithe

..... back to sketchbooks and thinking .....

17th January - update here - I'll show the finished painting here as a separate post when it's done.


Making A Mark said...

What an interesting way of constructing an exhibition!

vivien said...

it is and it has led to some people developing whole new ways of working in rising to the challenge :>)

We have the gallery for a run of quite a few weeks so it's divided timewise between the Annual Exhibition = the usual mix of subjects and the The Project

The Project is usually the most interesting

Anonymous said...

I nagree with Katherine...what a great idea to bas an exhibition on. all your previous work fits very well in with your desire for seunsuous lines and creative mark making...the ones I like most along with the one you've posted here, is Sketch f the crowns,Chrlestwon harbour and Brancaster sraithe...good luck! It will be interesting to follow your progress on this project!

Anonymous said...

Forgive all the mistakes...I'm typing on a laptop with a cat on my lap too...

vivien said...

they have all made the short short-list :>) so we are thinking alike!

aaaah ..... neither of our current ones are lap cats like that :>( one likes a cuddle but doesn't tolerate movement, talking or laughter and the other isn't cuddly at all. I get very angry flicks of the tail if I dare answer the phone and then madame stalks off in a huff!

annie said...

The sketches of the Crowns and the story behind them are haunting-- I am stumbling down that path to the mines with them and am huddled up under the seas listening to the rocks grinding under a storm above us. Wives and children, each to mourn a life cut short at 28.

Jeanette Jobson said...

There is so much potential in something like this and the inspiration well chosen.

I love the Crowns pieces and think they have lots of potential. I am naturally drawn to pieces that show glimpses of life on the land and the natural extension of the sea, so views of harbours are enticing as well.

Good luck with it!

Lindsay said...

What an interesting project and very much oriented towards the way artist's work. We stand on the shoulders of those before us....
I like your idea of using collage, mark making and charcoal. All of these are tucked into the foundation of your work. Very excited to see what you do with this! A rich start to the new year.

Unknown said...

love the idea for this site.
is it possible for me to contribute? I have a few oil paintings of beaches in my own blog =)

Making A Mark said...

No - this is a closed group of people who now know one another.