Sunday, 18 July 2010

Pendeen Lighthouse

Pendeen Lighthouse, mixed media

It's a while since I've been able to do much painting for a variety of reasons :>(

But .... here is one of Pendeen Lighhouse. It was one of those days when the sea and sky almost blur and the horizon isn't clear - all is soft pearly blues, turning viridian in the shallows. (the black at the bottom is simply the marker ribbon in the Canson watercolour book)

The cliffs a mass of wildflowers, the lighthouse buildings tumbling down the cliffside with the foghorns silhouetted against the sea.


Jeanette Jobson said...

I love this little lighthouse, it is quite decorative compared to some that are very stark.

Silouetted against the sea and the cliff alive with colour, it becomes a wonderful piece.

Sarah said...

I love this little lighthouse too! Isnt it a wonderful stretch of coastline down there, very different in feel to my little bit of Cornwall

vivien said...

it is a gorgeous stretch yes :>)

I so want to get down there in September when the grass on the cliffs in some places is tipped with crimson and the moors go red

I love the soft creeks and woods of your bit of Cornwall too though Sarah

Thanks Jeanette - there are some stark, dramatic lighthouses off the coast here as well, on rocks with wild seas surrounding them but not reachable to paint for me. Kurt Jackson did a fabulous series on them, going out by helicopter and painting dizzying views from the helipad at the top of one.

Making A Mark said...

I'm sure I've been to this lighthouse but can't remember when!

Vivien is trying to seduce me with sketches of Cornwall so that I'll accompany her on her next trip - and I'm thinking very hard about it - promise!

vivien said...


Africantapestry and Myfrenchkitchen said...

You do such wonderful work with mixed media makes me think of my sketchbook where you did beautiful mixed media work. And this lovely piece once again...your magical touch. I'd love to do lighthouses as a them - the mystery and solitude, the drama and stark "coldness", surrounding them. It would mean traveling, which I don't have time for now(or the next two years...maybe in winter. Seeing your lighthouse just stirs that desire again!)