Friday, 31 December 2010

Watery Norway scenes

Surfacing here on the very last day of the year to wish all Watermarkers and our readers a very Happy 2011! I have had fewer watery pieces to show this year, but here are some from my recent mid-December trip to Norway. They will already be familiar to most of you, I think.
I am purposely not overplanning my art life for 2011, but one thing I know---water will figure in it, somehow, somewhere, and I will be here sharing it! I am so grateful to be a continuing part of this talented group.

Norway: sketches from moving boat

Norway: sketches from moving boat

Norway: sketches from moving boat

Norway: sketches from moving boat

Norway: sketches from moving boat

Norway: ever northward


Jeanette Jobson said...

The landscape in Norway and here is so similar, these are familiar scenes.

I'm glad you enjoyed your trip and the sketches capture the raw land and sea scapes just as they should be - wild and rough.

Happy New Year Laura!

vivien said...

a beautifully atmospheric series that really make me feel the power and harshness of the landscape and the cold - great!

Happy New Year :>)

Laura Frankstone said...

Thanks so much, Jeanette and Vivien. Happy new year to you both! I look forward to more parallel adventures with you in 2011.

Making A Mark said...

The combination of pen and ink and watercolour wash is very effective - and it all looks ver cold!

Happy New Year Laura - and may 2011 be better than 2010 for you.

Laura Frankstone said...

Thank you for your kind wishes, Katherine. I hope the new year is a good one for us all. And, yes, it was gloriously cold in Norway!

bridget Hunter said...

Wonderful sketches. These are an inspiration to me - the way you've used the different mediums to capture those amazing scenes.

Sarah said...

Lovely sketches Laura and happy new year to you all too

Anonymous said...

Lovely sketches of beautiful norway Laura..depicting the cold and abstraction of the landscape. A happy year to you too.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful sketches, Laura! They are very dramatic and take me there from warm Florida. Happy New Year and thank you. Ambal