Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Low Tide. Kennack

Here is the finished triptych.  It has been a very good exercise, it really did focus the mind.  I am planning a few more and think they will make an interesting series.  


Making A Mark said...

I like this - the different format makes more of a difference that I expected!

Have you seen Vivien's long tall thin ones?

Maybe if you used the thin 'portrait' format you could then have one with sea in the middle, and then little pics for the sky at the top and the land at the bottom?

Lindsay said...

Beautiful! You've captured the same energy you had in the sketches.

Unknown said...

These are really lovely! Anyone would be lucky to be able to look at these every day!

Jeanette Jobson said...

This really is very effective and pulls the viewer in. Your eye moves from deciphering the shapes and colours in the detailed water to analyzing the beach scene.

Different shaped art pieces are unique in their own right. Its worthwhile experimenting with sizes and shapes and numbers to see what works well.

This obviously does.