Sunday, 8 March 2009

Water On My Mind

There has been a bit of reflection going on here, I have been away for far too long and decided that this morning I must catch up with some bloggery.

First of all time to tidy up my Flicker photos and, getting side tracked as usual, I made a slide show from the set I labeled "water" It is quite a big set of images of paintings that I have done since June 2006, featuring the subject of water. In streams, rivers, seas and puddles, in watercolour and oils. I think I have developed a bit of an understanding of water, I know that I have watched and noted, tasted and recorded to the best of my ability. I have found out ways of using different mediums and what I like to use and what I do not feel comfortable with. In short, I think I know how I work now.

I am finding that this group of artists is a constant source of interest and information. I am fascinated to see the different ways of working. Some are methodical, mapping their routs and understanding their mediums. Some delve into the history and geography of a place. Some carry the art history seemingly effortlessly into their work and beyond. Some dive in with an intelligent grin.

We are all so different and this seems to be emphasised by the umbrella of water as a theme while at the same time uniting us. Strange but true and , well, I for one like it very much. So thank you to my fellow watery artists, I am now going to get me a coffee and spend some time catching up with what you have all been up to.

(I dont know what has happened to the slide show, it dosnt look very posh but if you click it you can see it, I think!)


Making A Mark said...

Sarah - this is a simply STUNNING SLIDESHOW. I mean I knew you were good but this is like walking into an exhibition and immediately announcing "I love this artist!"

It reminded me of when I've created some pages on my website - where I couldn't see the theme or realise what I'd produced until I saw it all together. It's that Monet series thing - 'when you see it all together the sum of the whole has a much bigger impact'

Ditto re the comments about the group.

Sarah said...

ooh, thanks, I always feel so un confident of the things I produce, so thank you very much!

Tina Mammoser said...

Do you have a link to the slideshow? It isn't showing on Firefox or Safari for me. :( so sad! Katherine's comments got me all excited so I rushed over to read the blog, heehee.

Laura Frankstone said...

This slideshow is fantastic! I love seeing so much Sarah all at once--but then, I've been following your work for three years and have two of your paintings in my own collection, so I'm familiar with what you do, shall we say ;D.
Sarah, you certainly never have struck me as unconfident---far from it! In fact, it is your (apparent) confidence and fearlessness that gives your work such energy, depth, and life. You have, as you say, developed a real understanding of water, while I, still on the shore dipping first this toe, now that toe in, am just beginning to try to understand it as a painter! Your processes and your history and your confidence (;D) are very inspiring! The different points along the watery arc at which we are as individuals makes this group especially interesting (to me, at least.)

Charlene Brown said...

I've thought this over carefully, and decided the first one in the fourth row is my favourite. Pure magic!

vivien said...

it's a fabulous slide show - one of the things I love about your work is your use of colour - you catch the unique colour of places which allied to your great underlying observation skills mean you catch the soul of a place. Seeing the unique variations in colour is crucial to make the painting resonate with a sense of place.

Also ditto re comments about the group :>)

You always seem to confident Sarah! and your work looks so confidently put down too - people assume I'm confident and I'm not at all either.

I envy Laura having some of your work.

Clicking on the right hand 'show all images' will make it work in a separate window Tina - I'm not sure why it isn't working here

Lindsay said...

This is a feast for the eyes. I agree with Vivien about your use of rich colors. What I find most interesting too is how broad a range of moods you can capture.

Ditto for me too re group!

Gesa said...

Hm, yes - an exquisite collection. I enjoy the variety: streams, lakes, seashores; and yes, I definitely see you having been there for a long time. I liked Bonjour a lot, and the moodiness of the boat cemetery.
Great collection!

Jeanette Jobson said...

I like how you are able to capture the light in all these pieces Sarah. Its a lot more difficult that imagined but you do so very well.

Its lovely to see slide after slide that makes me say 'yes, yes' and regret when the last one appears.

Africantapestry and Myfrenchkitchen said...

What a beautiful show of work Sarah! Selfishly, I so needed to see this post of yours to get stimulated and inspired. You have a wonderful diverse set of strokes and subjects, each one with its own special impact. Love it!