Sunday, 8 February 2009

Napping Muse on Company Time

Here's a scary thought for a Watermarks member: I'm feeling adrift with my Waterways Project! Shouting for my Muse to wake does absolutely no good. So, I'm using this nagging twinge of anxiety to branch out and explore some new visual ideas. I'm very thankful for Tina's generosity in sharing images from her latest visual project:Wave Mechanics. Her photos are my jumping off point for playing around with various ideas. Thanks Tina!

If you want to see more visual trawling (for watery ideas), you can visit my blog for a slide show.

NOAA, the National Ocean and Atmospheric Administration (in the US) runs a site for Watershed Prediction for many rivers in the US.Here is the page for the Des Planes River Does anyone else have this sort of service in their country? If you do, why not share a link in the comments section.


Making A Mark said...

What a brilliant service Lindsay - looks to me like that's a service that should be developed over here. There are some areas of the country - around the River Severn for example - which have particular problems with flooding

The theory over here is that the water table has shifted because the opportunities for run-off have reduced since everybody started paving over their front gardens for parking!

Muses are fickle things - they come and go!

Tina Mammoser said...

Glad my 365 is inspiring you Lindsay. Or at least providing some fodder if you're a bit uninspired.

The muse leaves us all sometimes - muses need holidays too you know. ;) I always use that as an opportunity to do the 'other' work. Computer tasks, get ahead on design work, do accounts and paperwork... it all needs to be done at some point so it seems justified to let my muse have a break if it insists.

Don't worry, it seems to happen to quite a few artists I know at this time of year too. Odd that.

vivien said...

We do have a similar service - I remember checking on it when we had that tidal surge + storm in case it affected my daughter.

I can't remember the adress now :>(

Ours isn't that detailed, simply about areas rather than going down to particular streets.

vivien said...

oh - and your muse will come back after a short holiday :>)

Jeanette Jobson said...

Muses do like naps but like cats, they always come back.

And there are a variety of similar services here, from coastal to inland waterways, mostly originating from DFO (Department of Fisheries and Oceans).

Lindsay said...

Katherine, that's the issue here in the US as well. Too much non porus asphault for parking. Many problems with flooding might be eased with cobble stone streets with no morter. (might get a few mason's back to work today.

Thanks all for your encouragment that the sleeping Muse will awaken. I think she's resting partly because I'm working on another project at the same time.

Vivien, does that temp service cover coastal and river issues? Interesting.

Jeanette, here is the link to the Canadia site you recommended.
I'm off to poke around there now.

Laura Frankstone said...

I'm sorry to hear that you're having a lapse in inspiration, Lindsay, but I'm also grateful that someone besides me is hitting a rough spot---not that we're miserable, but misery loves company ;D. I'm working on three paintings on the water theme and it's very halting progress I'm making, as I make my way back to painting fluency. I know it will happen and I'm very excited, but just frustrated at the pace.
Good luck to you and have courage!

Lindsay said...

Thanks Laura. Yes, we are in great company because even the Master Kurt Jackson, feels trepidation about his process. Yes, thanks for the courage and to you too. Let's toast the "not knowing!"