Tuesday, 17 February 2009


Oil on gesso board
15cm x 15cm + 15cm x 36cm + 15cm x 15cm
or 6in x 6in + 6in x 14.2in + 6in x 6in
This was an interesting painting to make.  The initial sketches were made standing in very cold water drawing in quite a frenzied active manner, then a slower more contemplative watercolour and finally the oil painting which I worked in complete silence.
Which is strange for me. 

I usually have music playing but, perhaps this time, I didn't want to influence the mood of the painting.  It had a definite flow and pattern of its own and it was quite complicated to see.  I keep whizzing back on my chair trying to see the overall shapes and patterns.

This is where I work and that is the chair that whizzes.  The detail for this triptych is granite shot through with little dyke's of pegmatite or mica and for this picture I brought my subjects home.
The detail paintings I thought would be easy but in fact they seemed to require quite a lot of concentration and involve a lot of layering of colours. And splattering, and weaving, and laying on of paint soaked threads.
So it seems as if this series of triptychs are becoming very meditative indeed.


Making A Mark said...

Oh - I like - very much!!! That's really splendid.

I think you're on to a real winner with this new format. Isn't it interesting how the two either side really emphasise the central painting.

vivien said...

Oh this is stunning!!!! it's the best yet of these tryptychs :>)

I love the way that patterns in nature echo each other - the ripples on water/the patterns in rocks/ patterns on wet sand/patterns in tree bark/clouds ....

Laura Frankstone said...

Beautiful, Sarath! I long for a meditative art and envy you for having found a subject and style that engenders it. My state of mind while painting involves a lot of grimacing and cursing and holding my breath ;D.
I was surprised to see how small the paintings are---they have such presence on the screen that they seem much, much bigger. Would love to see them in person!

Jeanette Jobson said...

These are fabulous Sarah. I realllllly like this one. I agree with the others, this format really does work well.

I can feel that water and how cold it was. I want to run my hand over the stone and examine the lines. I was thinking they were huge paintings too for some reason. What is your average size painting that you produce? In this recession are you painting smaller pieces to make them more affordable?

Its interesting that we have very similar rock here. I just didn't know what it was called. :) In fact, I've just used a smooth oval piece of it to create a necklace that will go up on Etsy tonight.

Lindsay said...

Beautiful Sarah and I love the process you explain. Well, maybe not the freezing water part;-)

I'm interested in your use of paint soaked string. How thick was the string. Did use use oil paint straight out of the tube?

caseytoussaint said...

Beautiful work!

Africantapestry and Myfrenchkitchen said...

Lovely work Sarah..great texture and movement and I love the difference between them, yet harmony of them all togheter.

RosieK said...

fabulous trytypch - works really well in that format - beautiful stones (I collect stones from the beach too!)