Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Journey to the Sea - Part I

I've worked a bit more on the concept of water's origins and how it wends its way to the sea. This will be a series of six oil paintings, all 8 x 8 on canvas panels. They will then be grouped together to form a larger piece. I so dislike the close up views of a painting or drawing that are presented on a computer and prefer to see a painting from where it should be viewed, at least several feet away. So I've given you a slightly different view as well as the traditional close up.

I started out with some rough thumbnail sketches which are more like me thinking on paper to gel ideas in my head. Then a few plein air sketches of places that may be starting points along the journey.

The progress of water images will be

1. rain/snowmelt,
2. wetlands,
3. brooks,
4. ponds,
5. rivers/waterfalls,
6. rivers meeting the ocean.

This brings me to the first painting in the series. Rain.


Making A Mark said...

Brilliant - I'm so proud of the way Watermarks is helping people to develop their artwork and the way they work.

I hope I'm not 'out of order' for saying that but I do feel like this is the first major series with a conceptual basis that you've attempted since I've been following your work.

The concept was really good - but the development of it is even better.

I guess my only query would be why limit yourself to 8" x 8"? ;)

Jeanette Jobson said...

You're right Katherine. I've been all over the board with things and haven't really gone for a 'series' of anything.

I chose 8 x 8's for a couple of reasons: 1. Time. It enables me to complete something within a reasonable time frame. I work full time and my time is pushed to the limit and beyond these days. 2. I see these being displayed together, so overall it will produce a 16 x 24 piece give or take a bit for how its framed. So I see the individual pieces being part of a single painting in fact.

vivien said...

I'll second that - and I think this is a real step forward with your work

This should work really well. Love it.

And I can sympathise with the time/size restriction - I've been feeling twitchy and wanting to do a big canvas for ages but time/energy constraints have meant I haven't started it yet.

Sarah said...

ooooh! Love it, beautiful ripples.
I love seriesies and think all the same size will look great.

Lindsay said...

This is very exciting. And I love how we get to be in on it from the start.

I totally agree about the size too.Time trumps all.

Rose Welty said...

Jeanette, this is such a great series idea. It's an intriguing concept all on its own, but it also says alot about you personally, how you live, what's important to you - well done!

And more than the idea, the painting is coming along very well. Those ripples are instantly recognizable, not an easy thing to achieve - at least not for me, I've tried.

How fun to be in on the journey!

Jeanette Jobson said...

Thanks Vivien for the support. Time is a real challenge isn't it?

Sarah I think once they're grouped they will have impact. Keeping fingers crossed!

Lindsay, it is exciting to start a new project that I can see all elements of through to the end.

Rose, thank you. It will be interesting to move through this series and have it unfold. I'm glad you're along for the journey too.

Laura Frankstone said...

This first piece in the series is exceptional. You've abstracted your imagery to just the perfect degree---well, it's the one I seek always, anyway. (That's why my recent swimming pool painting was so out of character,btw.)
I look forward very much to seeing you explore this new series.