Sunday, 24 May 2009

Nearly done in by a swimming pool

Well, I finished one of the two recent paintings I'd been working on. I'd hoped to have both finished to post them at the same time, as they are very different in feel, and therefore would be interesting to consider together. However, we must make do with what we have.
May I just remind myself for the zillionth time that I am interested  in painting WATER,  not in painting FURNITURE, or SWIMMING POOLS, so what was I doing painting two chairs and a swimming pool ledge??? Sorry for shouting, but all that geometry required an attempt at a kind of verisimilitude that I am not, never have been,  interested in creating! 
Oh well, I'd started it. I wanted to finish it. And I have. Bye bye.
Acrylic on board, 16" x 20"
This is my second year of pursuing water as a theme for paintings and drawings. I've learned which aspects of the broad theme appeal to me. I like the calligraphic patterns that water makes when it moves. I like the tension between water and the solid objects it interacts with, such as rocks or fish.  The painting that I've just finished was worth doing, though it did not fall into the categories I've just mentioned as my favorites. I know now, even more than before, where my painting heart lies. And where it doesn't.  
Now, my delightfully curvy, energetic, colorful, alive and NONfurniture koi are my next painting subject---  and I will start the series just as soon as I get momentum going on another, unrelated  art project, deadlined July 1st. 


Making A Mark said...

I think you've moved this one on quite a bit - much more resolved.

One the whole I like the bottom half best - but since that seems to fit with what interest you most, maybe that's not so surprising! :)

Jeanette Jobson said...

Despite the angst it caused, this painting is wonderful. Full of light and colour.

I agree, the water element from you shines.

Good luck with the deadline.

Sarah said...

Lauraline, you star, it is stunning!

vivien said...

Lovely :>)

and I loved the calligraphic twigs and leaves on your blog

Anonymous said...

Very nice painting. For me the hard lines of the furniture and pool edge create a meaningful tension with the fractured calligraphy of the water -- helping me appreciate the beauty of the water even more.

Laura Frankstone said...

Thank you so much (belatedly!) for your warm responses. Diddams, the play between hard geometry and fluid shapes both inspired and maddened me ;D. May I mention again how glad I am that I've finished the painting?

Lindsay said...

My, these are so polished! You've really gotten the peaceful feeling of this scene! Worth all your efforts.

Anonymous said...

Very nice work Laura! You have such a wonderful play between stark lines and soft strokes and bold colour!