Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Step back in time: The Cutty Sark

When I first started painting and printmaking I did quite a lot of pieces of old ships. I would walk down to Greenwich and sketch the Gypsy Moth and Cutty Sark. As a member of the Canvas Club of the National Maritime Museum (they are still around, but hard to find info about - ask at the Friend's desk at the NMM) we had special access for sketching days in the stores. You would be amazed at the ship's models that are in storage! Hundreds at least.

It was the start of my sea fascination in my artwork, and tied in well with my non-abstract style of the day. (If you'd like to see my large Cutty Sark linocut it's on my own blog today! It's about 1 meter high.)

Sadly, as most of you probably know, the Cutty Sark was devastated by a fire in 2007. What is left of it has been under wraps for a couple of years while they reconstruct it.

Yesterday, rooting through boxes of photos in search of some coast images from Kent, I stumbled upon photographs I took of the Cutty Sark I can't remember when! They were filming the remake of "The Four Feathers" in Greenwich and had the village trussed up like Victorian England and the Cutty Sark even had sails on. What a sight!

(I've made these images Creative Commons, so feel free to use them for your own artwork if you like.)

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Making A Mark said...

You're making me want to go and dig out the photos of when the tall ships last visited London.

I sat outside the Trafalgar Tavern and watched as the most amazing ships went down the Thames.

I wish they'd do something around the Deptford Creek area to indicate what it once was ie the Royal Naval Dockyards.

Sara Winters said...

Beautiful photos! Thank you for the wonderful post.

vivien said...


Did you visit the Victory when you went to the Isle of Wight? it isn't far from the ferry terminal as far as I remember (on the mainland)