Monday, 16 February 2009

Finickiness, begone!

I vowed last week to banish finickiness from my water paintings. Working with a wider surface made me realize that the small size of my earlier studies (11" x 14") has contributed to that tendency to make too many marks--I want a sense of energy and movement and, in trying to convey that sense, I  cram too much visual info into too small a space.
The 12" x 24" board used here isn't big by anyone's standards, but it's bigger!
Iceland water's edge
I reworked and calmed down some areas in one of the two paintings I posted recently.Iceland rocks and water
I've discovered a wonderful source of water imagery about two and a half hours from my house. Yes, there's the coast, but that's not what I'm talking about. I'm keeping my lips sealed for now, but I am SO excited! Stay tuned! (I'll need warmer weather, but that will be heading to these parts soonish!)


Jeanette said...

What wonderful watery images! You've got the flow and the colour perfectly. I LOVE the first piece with that golden colour over the rocks (I presume).

A secret watering hole huh? And its not the coast... hmmmm

Katherine Tyrrell said...

I well remember when I moved up to whole sheet sizes with my pastels (c. 20" x 24") how freeing it was - and it made a huge difference to my work.

Sounds like going bigger is doing the trick for you too.

I love the colours in the first one.

vivien said...

fabulous watery flowing images

working bigger IS incredibly freeing :>) -- mmmm where have you found?????

Lindsay said...

Well, it looks like your log jam has been broken. (I can her screams of NO MORE WATER PUNS!)And who says size does not matter.

YOu really know how to build suspense, Laura. Can't wait to hear.

A Brush with Color said...

These are really great, Laura! Well done!

marly said...

Lovely lilting freedom, Laura!

I'm pondering a 150 minute radius from Chapel Hill... What you really need to paint is Glimmerglass, you know. That's obvious. We eat well, too.

caseytoussaint said...

I already said so on your blog, but I love love love these new paintings!