Friday, 24 July 2009

Sailing away... or towards me

While I was pootling around on the edges of Lake Michigan in a motorised rubber dinghy, I sketched one of the sailboats coming back into the marina. At first I was drawing madly and squinting for detail - but of course detail is exactly what you lose with distance. In all the photos I'm sure things aren't right! I know nothing about sailboats - so my brain was no doubt filling in things I didn't really see. (I was in Chicago and Racine for a month, see my own blog entry here.)

Never did get a chance to go out sailing for a day, despite offers from a few of the fellow boat residents. (one day was too rough, one day had no wind at all)


Patty said...

I love these.

vivien said...

lively - and how great to be playing in boats :>)

Jeanette said...

Simple lines are often the best and I quite like these.

Lindsay said...

Last week, Craig and I took our canoe out on Lake Michigan near Northwestern University. There are aplenty of kyacks but no canoes!

Lovely lines.

Anonymous said...

Great playing with lines here...I am a lover of line work especially few, simple lines! Just think of some figure drawing with only one or two lines...always beautiful