Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Alleyways and Waterways of London

The Magic Hour and October at the Sackler Crossing, Kew
coloured pencils on Arches HP
copyright Katherine Tyrrell
Old Ford Lock, River Lea and Ecology Park Pond #1
(both of these are views of near where I live in East London )
coloured pencils on Arches HP
copyright Katherine Tyrrell

I belong to the Drawing London Group and we currently have an exhibition at the Barbican in London. The theme is Alleys and Backwaters of London so being a member of Watermarks I decided to devote myself to the backwaters aspect for my four drawings which are included in the show - which show two lakes, a pond and river!

The exhibition opens on Tuesday 2nd February 2010 and continues until the 24th February at the Barbican Library at the Barbican Centre (2nd floor), Silk Street, London EC2Y 8DS (latter is a link to Google Maps).
This exhibition aims to capture the atmosphere, excitement, lights, shadows, colours and tones of London and its people with works in various media – watercolour, oils, pastel, print, ink - that are all available for sale. There is also a display of the artists’ sketchbooks. The Drawing London group meets monthly in different neighbourhoods around the capital to work inside and out, in the streets and buildings of the city, through all seasons. This is the third Drawing London exhibition since the group’s inception in 2003.
Drawing London 2010 Alleyways and Backwaters of London
2-24 February, Barbican Library


Laureline said...

So lovely to see them framed and hanging! I SO, SO wish I could be there to join in on the festivities! Congratulations, Katherine!

Jeanette said...

They look good in those neutral frames. Beautiful spots of colour and light. Good luck with the exhibition. They take a bit of work, don't they?

Katherine Tyrrell said...

They do indeed!

But it's very nice when your exhibition gets highlighted by Time Out, The Guardian - and the New York Times who wrote an article about it yesterday!!! See Putting London to Paper on their In transit blog

Lindsay said...

Congrats and what a wonderful show. Wish you all the best and lots of sales!

Katherine Tyrrell said...

Bill and I went back this morning having decided to put up the reviews and artist bio details on foamcore.

Four pieces have already sold and we haven't even had the private view as yet!

Tina Mammoser said...

That's great news Katherine! :) Are you guys showing in the art library area or the entryway area?

And foamboard, the best thing for labels.

Katherine Tyrrell said...

We're at the entrance to the library - up on the second floor. It's an excellent arrangement in terms of the the display boards and space. I've got a double bay all to myself!

Pam Johnson Brickell said...

These are lovely, Katherine. It's so nice to see a grouping of your work. The choice of frame really works well.

Katherine Tyrrell said...

Thanks Pamela

Neutral frames are the only way to frame if you're exhibiting in London. I've personally witnessed work being declined for exhibition which was framed in a way the gallery thought was OTT. (OTT = gilt and anything other than plain)

Sarah Wimperis said...

well done you, they look great. Went to your web site to get a better look at the actual artwork, very nice indeed.

Africantapestry and Myfrenchkitchen said...

Your work looks SO lovely all framed and hanging, Katherine! Good luck with the exhibit!