Monday, 17 May 2010

quick sketch of tiny covelet next to Porthcurno beach

watercolour and coloured pencil sketch, tiny cove next to Porthcurno beach. Vivien Blackburn

The sea really was this colour, even though the wind was cool. The cliffs were covered in flowers - especially pink seathrift and these white flowers that I always thought were wild garlic but I think are actually called Three Cornered Leeks. (Sarah may know?)

A slow worm (small legless lizard that looks like a snake) was basking on the path in the sunshine.
by Sam, aged 2yrs 8 months

This is Sam's version of the sea - I really like it. I have to admit I loaded the brushes for him - I wasn't actually doting enough to let him loose on my watercolour box :>D


captsuz said...

just WONDERFUL....and when I scrolled down to read and view Sam's version, it made my heart warm. Enjoy them, they grow up too fast, but you have NO IDEA how important those moments are in the raising of 'creative children'!!!!
Capt. Suz Wallace, MFA coastal Carolina, USA

Africantapestry and Myfrenchkitchen said...

I LOVE this watercolor vivien..the wat is just beautiful! Nad Sam's version is so wonderfully uninhibited and I wish I could have some of that!

Lindsay said...

both are lovey...good to see Sam is painting too!

I'm going to be taking time off this month to get ready for my show. See you all in June!

Sarah Wimperis said...

frame it, Sam will be so pleased and you will have a wonderful painting for ever, I love kids work.
Liked your sketch too!

Laureline said...

Vivien, I LOVE this, too!! How perfectly charming and delightful! You have revived my long-ago memories of the Cornish coast with this little jewel---thank you so much!

Katherine Tyrrell said...

Viven - I think you're going to have to start entering his work in competitions. That's what I think they call confident and flowing brushwork!

Your sketch of the cove is great - you get the real sense of the drop over the cliff's edge.

annie said...

Love this, Vivien. As Katherine says, you get a great sense of the drop over the cliff...And we all agree that Sam's spontaneous strokes
are a joy-- good for his creative growth and a good heart-lifter for us.

vivien said...

Thanks everyone :>) I'm glad the drop came across

and Sam loves painting - when he can spare time from running everywhere! needless to say he will be encouraged!

I'm keeping this one in the sketchbook but another he did is being framed for his mum :>)

I just wish I could do more cliff walking but the arthritis and asthma mean I don't get too far without feeling a real old crock :>(

annie said...

You hit us ALL where we Vivien--asthma, allergies, arthritis, bum knees and feet--so we are with you in spirit and in crickity reality as we limp along during our happier
moments, sketching and painting when we can, thanks to the inspiration we find on these blogs.

Jeanette said...

The colours of the sea in this are very tropical looking and very appealing.

Little Sam's version is a keeper. I have some of Kiora's pieces from last year. Geniuses these little ones. Yes, frame it. They will treasure it and so will you.

vivien said...