Tuesday, 27 July 2010

From the moor above Pendeen and the lighthouse

Moorland lane above Pendeen, Vivien Blackburn

Coming down the single track, twisty lanes from the moor down to the coast you get these views. Often the horizon is indistinct as it was in the close up of the lighthouse and there is a wall of blue ahead.

The earth banked stone walls are covered with bushes - mainly gorse up in the harsher conditions of the moor - and hundreds of wild flowers.

You see stone built moorland farms, built-into-the-landscape, huddled against the winter gales, old mine engines and small stone walled fields. You are totally enveloped within the banks of flowers and then suddenly turn a corner like this or see through a gateway - one painting opportunity after another!

see why I love it so much?


Jeanette said...

I love the scene and your description. I remember it well.

You know you have to sell up and move to Cornwall, don't you? :)

annie said...

Oh, I do love this one, Vivien. The contrast of wildflowers in the front and the moor to the sea, beyond...I agree with Jeanette, you have to sell up and move to Cornwall. In fact, seeing everyone's pictures of Cornwall--including the Cornwall Guide photos-- makes me fantasize about selling up and moving there, myself. Only a fantasy, of course--I could never leave our daughter and grandson.

vivien said...

When I win the lottery Jeanette! and you can all come and visit :>)

You would love it Annie :>)

Africantapestry and Myfrenchkitchen said...

Such beautiful work Vivien1 and your description reads like a poem...I want to come around that corner!

vivien said...

thanks Ronelle :>)