Tuesday, 23 November 2010

forthcoming exhibition in market harborough

I've been painting madly to produce some small works for an upcoming exhibition with a small group of friends.

We meet up once a month to discuss art, crit work in progress, go to shows, put on exhibitions several times a year and generally talk about anything art related - and lots more besides :>).

These are some images that are going to be printed as cards - it means people have something affordable if they can't buy a painting.

They are all computer manipulated so aren't reproductions of work but are based on work I've done and exist only in this form. More here.

I'm also responsible for the publicity, posters and fliers - if you can make it do come and see us.

< Click the poster for further details if you are in the area

And keep your fingers crossed for us on the first weekend of December :>)


annie said...

Such a variety, Vivien. I like each one. The busy little waves are delightful and the one with the moon makes me yearn to stand right there and sink into the night.


Sarah Wimperis said...

Fingers crossed, looking good

Africantapestry and Myfrenchkitchen said...

It looks wonderful vivien and having cards is a good idea...people always enjoy them. Good luck!!
B isous

Katherine Tyrrell said...

I think these look really great. I'm very taken with the digital version too - I think you might be sparking a few experiements on that score

Will you put them on Etsy as well?

vivien said...

thanks for all the good wishes :>)

Yes after the show I'll update my Etsy shop, which is currently empty.

All this working from the sketches of Cornwall is making me very twitchy to get down there again.

Laureline said...

Lovely images, Vivien, and best of luck!