Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Evening Light, Groby Pool, Leicestershire

I haven't been able to get out much to sketch because of the cold and its effect on my arthritis :>( and life getting in the way. Spring isn't too far away though :>)

But I have been out taking photos and plan to take a lot more. I especially love the light in the early morning and evening - it's so much more interesting, the skies are too.

These were taken at a local pool, a flooded ancient slate quarry. The sunset was subtle rather than dramatic but the light and soft colour was absolutely beautiful, with the skeletal winter trees silhouetted against the soft colour, the sheen on the water luminous.

So my new year resolution is to get on with a series of local landscapes - of course particularly those including water :>) - working from life and occasionally from photos like these.

On the other side of the water is an old 15C manor house with links to the Grey family of Jane Grey the 9 days Queen fame.

I bought a second hand pocket camera from a friend who was upgrading and I'm delighted with it (used for these). It means I can keep it almost permanently in my bag for all those times when the light/colour is special like this. (It's so annoying how often the most spectacular views happen when you are on a fast road with no hope of stopping!) I love my big camera but it can't be carried everywhere, all the time, this will fill that gap nicely and still has aperture priority/manual etc etc options and a 5x zoom for creativity :>)

I've also discovered a place I want to go back to for sketching with a high viewpoint over the canal in rolling countryside. The canal comes up a hill to the market town of Market Harborough via Foxton locks, with its long flight of locks enabling boats to come up a steepish hillside. The view I'd like to work from is further along, though at some point I should work here as well.


Katherine Tyrrell said...

Nice photos Vivien - should make for some limited palette artwork

Jeanette said...

I love the images. That time of day is magical for artists.

I'll look forward to seeing what it inspires. Meanwhile stay warm, spring will come.

Africantapestry and Myfrenchkitchen said...

I agree with palette work..challenging and exciting1

vivien said...

thanks everyone :>)

I can't wait for a bit of warmth

Jane Aston said...

This is what I like to do, keep a record of interestinglight on the lake here. Just started blogging and it's great reading new ones. Look forwar to seing how you work.Jane

Lorna said...

I think these are very romantic photos.

Lindsay said...

Yes a beautiful time of day!

Vladetta said...

it's pretty amazing!