Sunday, 18 September 2011

Klimt: Park of Schönbrunn

Park of Schönbrunn (1916) by Gustav Klimt

This is another landscape painting involving water by Austrian artist Gustav Klimt.  This time it's a bit of a puzzle.

The painting is of a lake in a Schönbrunn Park in Vienna, Austria.  Last November I tried to do a copy of this painting - see Schönbrunn Park - after Klimt - but I think the original is soooooo much better!

I like the fact that it's a puzzle picture.  You have to stare at it for a bit before you realise this is a painting of a large expanse of water in the middle of a very green park.  Most of the reflections are quite subtle.  The only really significant clue are the clouds in the bottom right hand corner which are only hinted at in the top right corner.  You still have to look at it again to make sure this isn't some isolated pond reflecting the sky.

I like paintings which are not obvious!


trevor said...

Really it's quite obvious what it is and immediately. The clever bit is the competent handling of all the greens. Masterly

Katherine Tyrrell said...

I'm so glad it was obvious to you Trevor.

Bruce Sherman said...

Klimt was a genius for certain... and these "puzzle" pieces are simply a few of the pieces that make up the "whole".

Water plays such a strong part in each of our daily lives... it's a necessity to human life!

I don't watercolour nearly as much as I used to... only when I travel. However... watercolours will always draw me to them!

A great sire to revisit... to fill my canteen... when I'm thirstine for another invigorating swig... of water!

Thanks... and good watercolouring ALL!
Warm regards,
Bruce Sherman