Friday, 10 April 2009

Cornwall to Norfolk in Tiny canvasses

I've been doing some tiny canvasses for my Etsy shop - and coincidentally, so has Sarah! (hers are gorgeous check out her blog ) We both posted at the same time and had both chosen 4 inch squares, though hers are on wood panels and mine are on canvas.

These are 4 inches square, on deep 1.5 inch sided, gallery wrapped canvas.

They work well in a group and even look nice standing up on a shelf as they are so deep.

I really enjoyed doing them and for a change used acrylics, not my usual choice of medium but it worked well for me.


Lindsay said...

A rose in an other media. I mean "water"...Nice to see them altogether. They are small jewels.

vivien said...

ooops! you had hiccups Lindsay! I'll delete a couple of the repeats!

vivien said...

thank you :>)

Jeanette Jobson said...

These look wonderful individually and stunning as a group. Acrylics suit you it seems.

Anonymous said...

These look great and especially show off in a group setting. they are also satisfying in getting done quicker than the big canvasses, serving as little inspirations. Nice work. does this small format seel better on Etsy?

vivien said...

well so far I've mainly just put small work on Etsy Ronell - I plan to put some larger work on but this is so much easier to post!

Most buyers seem to be in the US

I also wanted to get positive feedback before I put larger work on.

caseytoussaint said...

These are very beautiful, Vivien!