Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Water on "earth day" - a clear brook

With today being earth day, how can we not contribute a special post to water on this day, seeing that it plays such an important role in the survival of our world.

My contribution is two paintings in watercolour of the ruisseau(brook) at our mountain house, Coin Perdu, in Correze. We are restoring it as natural as possible with natural building materials using the stone, wood, mud and clay from the area, solar heating, an ecological[partly self maintaining swimming pool(much later!) and of course a self maintaining garden with its wild herbs and insects and animals along with a bio vinyeard. So I felt it fitting to show the brook that runs down at the foot of our hill.

And today I'll plant some colour in my window boxes and revel in my frog by the fountain, the swallows who are back to nest in our cave, the owl who keeps me awake at night, the pair of red Robins who bounce around on the side of the cliff and I'll take a long stroll along the river - the sun a delightful gift in the sky!
...ruisseau en printemps.. (brook in spring)

Pen and watercolour on Fabriano artistico, 30x23cm.

...ruisseau en automne... ( autumn)

Watercolour on Fabriano artistico, 30x23cm.

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vivien said...

these are lovely

and a positive feel-good story too :>)

Making A Mark said...

Gorgeous watercolours Ronell - your post is such a really positive endorsement of 'eau naturelle' (I think I made a joke in French!!)

Jeanette Jobson said...

Beautiful paintings Ronell and a wonderful post that encourages for the future.

Africantapestry and Myfrenchkitchen said...

Your joke is allowed's a green one(and a good one), hie hie.

Sarah said...

I can hear the babbling water!

Lindsay said...

What a beautiful set of paintings and thanks for the tour around your mountain retreat. I envy you setting up shop with solar power and natural building materials. Must be a treasured place.

annie said...

Perfect was to celebrate Earth Day with those watercolors, Ronell. I can hear that brook, too. What a dream coming true, restoring a home to its old natural ways and adding new ecological solar improvements.