Thursday, 30 April 2009

Rain, rain, go away...

Wish you could capture those ripples of raindrops on water?
Well, Yorkshire was there to assist you today.

I've been in Hebden Bridge, Yorkshire, for the opening of my solo show at the Calder Gallery (which runs until 24th May if anyone is in the area). A little bit of sketching but also some rain and drizzle as I walked along the canal today.

So the Wavemechanics project is officially expanded into water surface photos of bodies of water other than the Thames. While it does rain in London of course it's rare that two things will happen at the same time: 1. I'll go out in the rain and 2. The tide is high enough for me to get near enough the water to photograph drop ripples.

As always, these photos are free to use for your own artwork under the Creative Commons license. You can find all the photos at the Wavemechnics Flickr page.

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Lindsay said...

Tina, I must be channeling you because I was sketching and taking photos of reflected trees yesterday in the rain at Thatcher Pond. They captivate me and present an interesting challenge.

Jeanette Jobson said...

Neat photos Tina. Rain patterns on water are infinitely interesting with their distortions of reflections and the grey sky.

Can I capture them in paint or pencil? I've not really tried. But think that I should.

Thank you for sharing more wonderful photos. And for getting wet while doing it. :)

Making A Mark said...

I've not yet done photos of the water surface of the ponds with rain - but these make me think that I should!

Sarah said...

I have been thinking about this a lot lately, the closest I got was my blackthorn in the pooring rain but yes rain on water, one has to stand and stare a lot but isnt it relaxing?

Gesa said...

great photos, tina... i agree: rain patterns on still water are fascinating with their reflections, movement and distortions of surface and light. - i'll be doing some more experimental marks with my printmaking stuff soon, this makes me think about water surfaces. - thanks!