Monday, 13 April 2009

Nameless Pond

Nameless Pond
5 x 7 oils

I've been sick all weekend and haven't ventured out much except for some air on Saturday. I have also been looking for inspiration that hasn't come my way lately either and figured I'd wander around the property to see if something jumped out at me. (not literally!)

I live on 16 acres of land, so its possible for me to wander fairly far and see a lot of different landscape from ocean to meadow to woods to stream. There is also a pond on the property that the ducks use as a swimming hole in the summer. Right now there is only BD and Buddy, the Muscovy ducks left along with a few mixed breed ducks who were recently attacked by a mink. No more ducks or chickens for awhile, its too heartbreaking when mink get into the barn - and they always do.

The pond is just clear of ice and the water is pristine in it so you can see to the bottom and watch little trout dart back and forth from the safety of the brush at the sides. With all the snow and rain runoff, there was a lot of water flowing into the pond and out in a little stream into the bog in the meadow next to it. The waterlogged meadow is filled with hundreds of blue flag irises in July, both there and on the other side of the road as far as the eye can see.

The pond hasn't got a name as its not big enough to be mapped, however it is a source of interest for me in terms of water, tenants and seasonal changes. I decided to try a study of the pond in its current state. Rippled slightly by the spring breeze with water flowing out into a stream of its own making, it is searching for its path to the sea. The source of this water is the same water table that supplies my own drinking water. There are no municipal services here as I am far off the beaten track, so I have a dug well and a septic system. I am so used to drinking this water that I can taste the difference in any other.


Making A Mark said...

It looks gorgeous Jeanette - and how nice to have your own ready made pond on your property.

I'm really enjoying making a record of the Ecology Park Ponds. I'm finding you see much more when you look at the same place again and again - I guarantee you'll start to notice things you haven't seen before.

I'm also really liking the way you're paintings are becoming 'going towards abstracted' and smile every time I see one. Makes me think I should get a paint brush out and see what happens!

Lindsay said...

Sorry to hear you've been ill.

This kind of clear light...crisp and clean is what we had here in Chicago yesterday. You are doing just what I wish to do...oil studies! Very inspiring.

vivien said...

lovely - and how lucky you are, you'll be able to revisit through changing seasons and light - and maybe try to get a painting of those little trout?

I'd like to see this as a square composition, with more water and the same amount of land :>)

Anonymous said...

Hope you're doing better! you have such a variety of subjects all arround you with a great challenge in lights and moods. I completely understand the struggle with inspiration, even more so when surrounded by such a vast array of challenges around you. Just keep looking at you surroundings and one day it will start bouncing right onto your page/canvas and you'll be overflowing with inpsiration again.