Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Creative Burn Out Recovery Plan

Watercolor and ink

I've been quiet here for awhile because I've been burned out not only creatively but burned out web-wise too. Some thoughtful friends have suggested I do a few gentle posts from time to time to let you all know I'm still alive and kicking.....and tell you how I'm recovering.

I'm cooking more and here's my latest cook book:
Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone The author is a sympathetic omnivore with some really interesting flavor combinations.

I'm getting out doors as much as possible and preferably in a quiet, natural setting.

Visiting with family and good friends.

Not making art if I don't want to and being gentle with myself about not wanting to.

I'm doing my yoga and yoga breathing when things start to feel overwhelming.

Spending time doing nothing.

I'm living as much as possible in the REAL world. This means I won't be visiting blogs for awhile but it's been heavenly to not be feeling obligated to spend so much time on line. I was starting to feel numbed after hours on line. I also found myself obsessively checking my site stats.This is such a HUGE time waster and was strictly about vanity; a sort of adult version of the high school popularity contest. I turned blogging into a J-O-B with all the heavily weighted baggage that denotes.

I highly recommend the web restricted diet if you are feeling burned out. I'd be interested to hear how others cope with creative and web burn out.


muddy red shoes said...

you are so right, it can be terrible, webitus. I had a simila feeling a while ago and decided to take the pressure off blogging everything I did, I use the internet a lot for my illustration work and do that on a graphics tablet and so the whole thing had become to messed up with my real painting. Fresh air, be strict with your self and only join in when you feel better, we will still be here and we still love you, cyberly! Get well soon and dont let that web take controll, you are the boss!

vivien said...

It sounds an excellent plan :>)

the real world is more important and a balance is crucial - as Sarah says, you are the boss!

and amazingly my stats rose while I've been posting a bit less! are they trying to tell me something ?!

You have achieved an awful lot over the last year so a break is well earned.

vivien said...

I forgot to say - you know I love these simple calligraphic elegant studies

Kelly Marszycki said...

I just took a "creative sabbatical" too -- I sympathize totally. I think we're just beginning to grapple with the Web 2.0 world and how it does gobble up time and mental/emotional reserves. Good for you -- enjoy!

Laureline said...

I sympathize, Lindsay, and send you my warmest wishes for comfort and tranquility. I advise you never to look at user stats---I NEVER, EVER look at them and haven't for three years. At first, it was fun and interesting, but I began to feel emotionally jerked around by them, which is insane. To be pressured by that sort of measure (it IS a popularity contest, that's all it is) is completely antithetical to my reason for making art. I aim to be inner driven, not Other driven--and I think I most often am. It seems to me that you have that same aim ---and maybe you just need to be quiet for a while, so you can hear what your innermost voice has to tell you.
Life has its ebbs and flows. It's a wise person who acknowledges that. You are such a one.
Good luck. Rest well.

Jeanette said...

I agree, the creative mind needs breaks away from demands of online presence and the perceived need to 'do' all the time.

The world will still be here, we will all still be around in various forms at various times as our own lives demand our attention.

My mantra this year is no guilt. None over posting or making art or taking breaks. Just do what your soul tells you to. Its always right.

Rest, relax and know people understand and care.

Maree said...

I am SO glad to hear there are others with the same issues - over-blogging (people can't keep up and miss a lot), checking stats, feeling guilty, not enough fresh air - and when the flu hit me 2 weeks ago, I realised that I've been obsessive compulsive for the past year... Time to slow down and get a healthy balance into my life.

Thanks for bringing this out in the open Lindsay, you're a life saver!

Lindsay said...

Sarah, I think that "webitis" and "cyberly" ought to be in the dictionary.;>)

I think that the dark side of the web is one thing that's kind of down played our here in cyber space so It's nice to know I'm not the only one feeling this way. Thanks to all of you for such caring support.

Vivien,you know you are my muse as far as Waterways is concerned. Thanks for the nice words.

Cyber hugs......

annie said...

I think the more creative we are, the more we need to take time off to replenish and let the waters rise in the wells. And this painting is soothing and healing for me... So zen...I'll enjoy studying and reflecting upon the things you've done here until you come back.

Lindsay said...

So true Annie!
Thanks for the nice words

Gesa said...

Very much agree, Lindsay - I just a few days ago heard a great talk on the importance of doing nothing, of wasting time. Far too undervalued, doing nothing :)

I haven't been sketching, let alone painting for some time (well: it feels a long time ago, but I forgot I did some pastel work just last week) - somehow time is such a variable concept, mine is so very full at the moment that a week ago feels like ages ago.

It's a tricky presence, this virtual one - and as you know, I am often tempted to apologise for absence in virtuality... I've quite happily given myself permission to blog about daily indulgences for a while (otherwise there wouldn't have been anything else to write about), and: if it bores people, they don't have to read it :)

Take care and time - doing nothing :)

Lindsay said...

Gesa, it made me laugh to think that a blog absence is an opportunity for me NOT to bore my readers!!!!

Africantapestry and Myfrenchkitchen said...

I hope all is well in your side of the world Lindsay, and that blogging and all things related make much more sense now... I can only agree with what everybody else had said...the computer has its time and place and it is only up to us to decide how big and how much!