Friday, 25 September 2009

On the Danube...

... not painting, not even sketching, but at least travelling.

I spent a few days in Vienna for work, ended up walking through some fabulous neighbourhoods on the way to and from the conference venue, gave general sightseeing a bit of a miss - I really think, the Habsburg dynasty should NOT have held back quite as much as they did on their architecture - I am sure they could have built some FAR more impressive monumental buildings, boulevards and other assortments than they did, but I managed to do a little boat trip.

It wasn't the trip down the Danube to nearby Bratislava (a mere 90 mins downwards on the river), but a trip down the Danube Canal and up the Danube.

It was a sunny day, plenty of birds, plenty of cargo boats passing us by and a lot of Strauss music coming from the speakers of the boat's sound system.

Take a look for yourself:

The Danube

The Danube

Houseboats on the Danube

The Lock


Jeanette said...

Oooh lucky you, on the Danube. The river looks serene.

Lindsay said...

This looks really splendid! It looks gentle enough for our little canoe.
I wonder if the Vienenese ever get sick of Strauss.

muddy red shoes said...

da da da de dum de dum dum dum, da da da de dum de dum dum dum, da da da de dum dum de dummm de dum da dum da dum dum! I actually tried to get that right!!

vivien said...


some interesting simple abstract shapes going on

HUGE river!

Gesa said...

I was thrilled by how wide the river was and so calm too; oh, I had forgotten, there was a song (or many) about the river :)
Cheers, Vivien - the iphone camera is pretty rubbish but some of those shapes are working quite alright.

Africantapestry and Myfrenchkitchen said...

Pity about the speakers and Strauss...I would love complete silence to absorb such a mighty river! Or maybe take Sarah along with her da da da de dum sounds much more original to me!! nice photos and lucky you!