Monday, 9 November 2009

The River

I have just finished painting another few nocturnes. I realised as I was painting this one that it must be one of my favorite painting sites, tucked away from prying eyes with a commanding view. I paint here often and so I thought I would show a couple of other paintings of the River in other guises. By night as a winding ribbon of moonlight, with a troubled sky affording only glimpses of the wintry landscape. The old oaks are so thick going down to the water that even when they have lost most of their leaves they present a solid mass folding themselves down the gentle sloping fields towards the river.
In high summer under a blue sky she presents quite a different face, bright greens and yellows and air filled with bird song and insect noise.

Then in early spring, just waking up after a long winter, the tide far out leaving a few channels in the estuary mud and a soft purplish haze of budding leaves on the trees.
The other thing that I have been doing is making a "fan" page for my work on face-book. It is a test really to see how effective it is and although it is only two days old I have already got two commissions from it. I will report back on its effectiveness as a marketing tool later. So far I am pleased with it and it seems quite easy to use as far as putting images on goes. If it is worth doing I will let you know and in the meantime have a visit and become a fan, please!
It is on facebook and it is called Sarah Wimperis Paintings.


Annie of Blue Gables said...

I so enjoy this blog. You are a talented bunch of artists.

Katherine Tyrrell said...

Beautiful contrasts Sarah. Your watercolour page on Facebook also looks excellent

Trevor said...

nice.liked the moon and spring pics best.but on yr own by night? shiver.what dedication

Lindsay said...

Sarah, I love how we are seeing the same view at different times. Really interesting,

I have a technical question. Were you sketching in moon light? Do you have a tiny little head lamp to see your equipment?

muddy red shoes said...

Yes I do have a headlamp but dont switch it on all the time, if you do you cant see anything but the paper! So I sit and look for ages, then choose colours with the lamp then switch it off and work...can be a bit hit and miss!!

Africantapestry and Myfrenchkitchen said...

Sarah, all these paintings are beautiful, each with their own atmosphere and it is always a joy to see your work.
...And now I have a question, probably a stupid one, but here goes: what is the goal of a fan page? To me a fan page is just people who like your work? How does it bring in commissions or sell better than just ordinary posting on a blog or website for example? I never think about such things so it tickles me pink.

muddy red shoes said...

Ronelle, the fan page lets the webbery system of the networking myface type sites work, when people who know you become a fan it shows people who know them that they have done so and so it spreads. So far, in a week I have got 116 "fans" and two commissions and one sale. I think one of the most difficult things to get over is the word "fans" It feels terribly self centered etc and for a shy and retiring artist like me :>) ha ha, its odd. I will see how it goes and maybe do a post about stuff like that.
Did any of that make sense?

Africantapestry and Myfrenchkitchen said...

Thanks Sarah...yip, I have to admit, it does feel weird, self centered as you so aptly call it, but I can understand the marketing strategy.
I don't know how I will be able to do it, because I am the worst "business person" out there you can get! Call it weak or gutless or whatever you like, I have NO ability to market myself, in fact, I give everything away - I even have commissions to do, but I promised them as gifts...
So, a post by you on this subject would be GREAT!

Lindsay said...

Ronell, maybe you and I should make a commitment to work on this promotion stuff in 2010. Set goals ect. I too have a hard time putting myself out there to sell.....I somehow feel like I have to justify my existance as an artist. Does Yoyo Ma have to do this? NO!!! He gets paid to make music. We should feel like it's ok to earn a living doing what we love.

Thanks for explaining this Sara.You are modeling such a good skill. Keep asking for any help you need. Happy to "fan" you.hehe