Monday, 30 November 2009

Watermarks around Mont-Saint-Michel

Last week I had two posts about Mont-Saint-Michel which can be found just off the coast of Normandy:

Sketch and drawing studies of Mont-Saint-Michel
copyright Katherine Tyrrell

Plus I've posted my photos of the coastline around Mont-Saint-Michel on Flickr (see a slideshow).

I know I preferred Mont-Saint-Michel at a distance but I'm also in love with the watermarks in the estuary which could be seen from the place itself - as you'll be able to tell from the slideshow on Flickr.

photos of Normandy coastline around Mont-Saint-Michel
copyright Katherine Tyrrell

However I haven't yet worked out how to have a go at them - all suggestions are most welcome.

You can also expect to see my interpretations of them popping up on "Watermarks" at some point in the future.


Jeanette said...

Your studies of Mont-Saint-Michel are quite ethereal and lovely.

The photos of the watermarks are wonderful. The last one looks almost like snow or ice with the light glittering on it.

Oh yes, do have a go. I see watercolour in your future. Then again, they could translate very well into lino prints...hint hint

Lindsay said...

Yes, I agree! Watercolor in your future.

annie said...

I agree, too, Katherine.