Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Koi studies, part two!

I am so glad I decided to make a series of 30 small studies (emphasis on STUDIES) of koi in water ---you cannot imagine how much fun I'm having!! I have painted in acrylics on a large-ish scale so intermittently over the last few years, that I had really forgotten a LOT about technique. The same thing happens when I don't cook ambitiously for a while. I forget nuances of flavoring and method. Which is odd since I've been a pretty avid cook all my adult life, but there we are.
I have already moved on a bit, technically, from this batch of four, so I thought I'd better share with you THESE in a batch, so whatever progress and direction my process reveals will be clearer to you and to me.
At this point, I promise you that I have NO idea where all this is leading! That it will lead somewhere interesting, I have no doubt---fish by fish, swirl by swirl.Koi study series:ochreKoi study series: yellowKoi study series: concentricKoi study series: multi
I have to stop myself from fiddling endlessly with these, stop myself from wanting to get everything "right"----they are teaching me so much as they are. Now, on to the next group of four!


Katherine Tyrrell said...

I'm seeing fluency building as my eye went down this batch. It's amazing how easy it is to forget what we know and how it's always possible to recapture it with practice.

I think your idea of deliberately doing studies is brilliant. This is going to have such a positive impact on your painting - which is already evident.

I loved the last one you posted in particular. The movement is great!

vivien said...

beautifully fluid and full of movement, the light is great too

This really is turning into a wonderful series :>)

I'd rather sketch any day than do 'finished' pieces

Lindsay said...

I think the word "studies" and "small" really helps with finding joy in the work. This is a lovely series and I can't wait for the next batch.

Jeanette said...

Ohhh fishies.....my favourite! These are quite 'slippery' looking, which is a good thing! :)

Sketches free us up and help us work out the kinks before tackling a major piece. I think you're very wise to do a number of sketches to help you decide where you want to go.

Africantapestry and Myfrenchkitchen said...

Great studies Laura..this is really an exciting series and each one is different with its own character, but they all seem to come from the same "pool"!