Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Where Queen Matilda fell in

Old Ford Lock, River Lea, East London
7.5" x 7.5" coloured pencils on Arches HP

copyright Katherine Tyrrell

The title of this post references that the story that in 1110, Queen Matilda, wife of King Henry I, fell while crossing the ford while on her way to to Barking Abbey - more or less at this spot.

I developed this drawing from a sketch which I did last year and it was part of my 'backwaters' contribution to the recent Alleyways and Waterways of London exhibition at the Barbican. I'm not quite sure why but this image seems a bit indistinct and the original is now behind glass which is not the best place for getting another scan!

I've drawn and redrawn this about four times so far and this is just the latest version. I think Constable may have got in on the act as I was reading about him while doing the drawing!

Anyway, having looked at it hanging in the exhibition - which I find always provides me with a fresh perspective on a piece - I'm sure there's a better drawing in there somewhere but I'm not quite sure what I need to change to bring it about.

This was the original sketch in my sketchbook blog post Old Ford Lock - and some ancient tales.

Old Ford Lock, River Lea, East London
8.5" x 11.5", pencil and coloured pencils
copyright Katherine Tyrrell


Jeanette said...

Its good to read a little history around a scene. I can only imagine her indignation (and others mirth) when she fell in.

The reflections are lovely in this and it brings me to summer instantly. Its good to revisit the same place a number of times in a drawing. Something new is found each time I've found.

Jeanette said...
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vivien said...

I can just imagine the court stifling their laughter :>)

You need to be thinking about putting a book together of all the London sketches

Africantapestry and Myfrenchkitchen said...

This is lovely has an etherial quality to it, which I befits its history. I agree with Vivien...all the London sketches..!

Lindsay said...

I agree about a book. I like the dreamy feel to this drawing very much.

Laureline said...

With your work more, even, than with others, I want to see it in person! I can tell that the top image has not reproduced well--but I do get enough of a sense of what you've done to enjoy it very much. I admire especially the bright incisiveness of the sketch. I suspect there's more of that in the finished piece than shows here.
Lovely series.