Monday, 12 April 2010

Going Large With Watercolour

A detail of one of the windows

Signs on the rusty railings

And the only splash of colour

Here I am, painting away so that you can see the scale of the painting

I keep my paint in old plastic trays that used to hold screws, the colours are written on the lid so that I know what to order when I run out!

An assortment of brushes, none are too huge as you can see

Looking down from the clifftop to the lifeboat house at Lizard Point.

 This is the finished painting measuring 84 cm x 74 cm or 33 inches x 29 inches.


Johannes Baul said...

Great watercolor

Africantapestry and Myfrenchkitchen said...

Beautiful work Sarah~!

Katherine Tyrrell said...

That's brilliant Sarah - really really good.

You should work this big more often

Jeanette said...

I really like the darkness of this piece - and the size! The mottled colours are perfect in the wall and building and shore.

Its wonderful!

Lindsay said...

I'm very impressed with the scale and of course, I LOVE your paintings. Between you and Vivien, I really have a sense for the colors of Cornwall....want to visit;>(

Thanks for sharing your process. I love seeing what tools you use and seeing a peek at your studio again.

Maree said...

Lovely blog post Jeanette, Insightful and informative - love the studio pics! And your painting of course!

vivien said...

lovely and atmospheric - at first glance I thought it was the harbour wall at Sennen Cove

I would love to do a big watercolour .... may eventually even find time to try one once OFSTED have been and the panic at work is over

It was interesting to see that you don't use huge brushes

vivien said...

that viewpoint from above makes a great composition as well

Laureline said...

The subtlety of your colors and textures is unbelievable---really lovely work, Sarah.