Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Afternoon on the Water

The best things seem to happen without being planned.  I had worked all morning and was walking the dog, down through the woods, into the little village of Helford then up past the Sailing Club when I was ambushed and persuaded to go out on our little boat.
What a beautiful day, sun sparkling on the water, a light breeze.  I found some old watercolour crayons, some paper, and a scrappy old brush, the dogs bowl for water and did some sketching.  It soon gave way to a bit of dozing in the sun, sipping white wine from an old tin mug and generally relaxing.
We saw a flock of gannets falling out of the sky over and over again, diving on mackerel.  We saw dolphins leaping through the water, so fast, in joyful packs.
Big Dave does all the work, reefing jibs and hauling mainsails, I am still telling myself that I will learn to sail one day, too busy drawing right now, oh yes and snoozing, and being generally lazy.  We sailed right across the bay to Falmouth, where we went ashore, like salty sea dogs and had a supper of the finest fish and chips from Rick Stine's fish restaurant and then a beer overlooking the harbour.
   We came home just as the sun was dipping behind the trees on the Helford river, bowing out on the longest day of the year.


Katherine Tyrrell said...

OK - you made me jealous! ;)

Sounds absolutely idyllic!

vivien said...

sheer heaven - and waves of viridian envy from here too!

Jeanette said...

Lucky you to be able to float your afternoon away and paint.

You've painted an image of that afternoon both literally and in my mind. Fabulous!

Sarah Wimperis said...

Ah! Sorry, but it was so glorious I had to share, I did and do feel very lucky about where I live!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I was right there with you Sarah...every flap of the sail! Like Katherine says ..idyllic! Only one thing I missed being there with you and all....a cold glass of champagne when that sun was dipping?
Lovely captures of this sparkling day!

vivien said...

living vicariously can be enjoyable even if not as good as the real thing - keep telling us

and you HAVE to do a Cornish book - your writing skills are as good as your painting