Friday, 18 June 2010

and some more fish - though stylised

Digital play with the lino below
lino cut

digital experiment

I've been working with a couple of students doing linoprints and decided to have a play myself - it's not something I do very often as I prefer collagraphs as they are more painterly.

Before it gets messy I thought I'd scan the lino into the computer and then of course couldn't resist playing with the image in Photoshop. I think I can do more with this.

Over the weekend I hope to make time to have a go at printing it in oil paints. I'm not so interested in straight roll up prints but may do some later. I like the potential of colour changes with using oils and the brush marks and textures that happen.

It might work to have a shoal of them, or a line of 3 or 5 - lots of room for experimenting.

Sam's book is progressing well but recent illustrations haven't been water so I haven't shown them here. I thought it was high time that I appeared with some water related work :>)


africantapestry said...

How did I miss this Vivien? Such nice play with the lino..I'd love to see it in some oils!

Katherine Tyrrell said...

I still don't get ohow the digital bit and the linoprint intersect..... but it does look very good!

Jeanette said...

I love the fish shape and the colour graduations for this. As you say, it has lots of potential.

Do you meant you'll use oils to print the lino or to add colour to it later?

vivien said...

Yes Jeanette, I'll use oils to print it - it's more hit and miss and you aren't certain what you get, it will need working into but it results in an infinite variety of very different prints.

I scanned the lino itself Katherine, cleaned it up to read black and white, as though I'd done a traditional print and then - played with colour in photoshop :>)

I may get time to experiment printing the lino with real ink/paint today - fingers crossed.

I think I'm going to cut a little more first.