Saturday, 4 September 2010

Rennies Mill River

I'm still working on my little series of hidden rivers, albeit slowly and sporadically.  I have a number of rivers or perhaps better called streams and they mostly haven't got a lot of 'oomph' to them, acting more like cuts through the land than fast moving water.

I had created a rough pastel on Rennies Mill River which crosses the city and through the Waterford Valley, heading to the sea. My viewpoint here is flanked by a ball field on one side and a supermarket car park on the other.  It leads under the road and empties into Quidi Vidi Lake which is a popular spot for joggers and ducks.

When I look up this river, it transports me to another place entirely. I decided to see how the same view would translate into oil paints.  The painting at the beginning of the post is a 5 x 7 piece, started last night and completed today.

I still have quite a number of rivers to document and between fish and printing, it could take some time.  However, it will be a good project to keep me going during the winter.


Katherine Tyrrell said...

These are both really lovely Jeanette. Your artwork just gets better and better

vivien said...

I agree, lovely - this series is going beautifully

bridget Hunter said...

I think the soft colours really make this painting. Your eye is led into it and there's a bit of mystery about what's around the corner. I like it very much.

Jeanette said...

Thanks Katherine. I'm enjoying playing with the water.

There are soooo many tiny streams and rivers leading to the sea here, it could keep me going forever Vivien!

Muted colours seem to be my style in oils especially Bridget. Thanks for your comments.