Monday, 15 December 2008

Des Plaines River Trail: Lake Street Bridge November 08

25" x 17"
64cm x 42cm
oil on paper

I'm moving into my third year of working on my Waterways Project and each year something new comes up for me. During the first year, I fumbled around with media and finally settled on oil pastels. In January of 08, I discovered the linear qualities of winter and fell in love with painting snow. This year, I'm wanting to add a more evocative tone; express the perils the waterways face due to the carelessness of human encroachment.I also want to move into oil paint as this gives me the most amount of freedom with colors.

On my blog today, I've listed a few links to the artist's I'm looking at lately. They are not necessarily working in landscape but I admire their work greatly.


Gesa said...

I like this a lot, Lindsay; prob precisely for the reason you mention for working with oils more: the colour depth of the water and the embankment work very well. I am curious to see how you'll work with oils. I am thinking - or rather: had been thinking - of taking some along for my holiday, but dismissed it again (for the time being): too much luggage for holiday travelling irritates me to bits. lol

Lindsay said...

The oil sticks are much easier to travel with but heavy. I recommend snapping the sticks in two. Hard to carry turps though. And a pastel pusher helps to keep edges with those fat sticks. Good luck and I'll be looking forward to seeing your oil experiments too.

Jeanette said...

Its interesting how we move from medium to medium at times. The subject sometimes demands the change.

I think this bridge and river is lovely. The colours and values make it almost touchable.

I think oils agree with you.

Africantapestry and Myfrenchkitchen said...

Your oil painting is beautiful Lindsay..., knowing your style with oil pastels(and love it) so well, it will be exciting and interesting to see how you're going to approach the oils. And I agree with Jeanette, some scenes just ask for a certain medium, especially watrerscenes that have so many moods and change so often.

Lindsay said...

Thanks Jeanette. IO'm having to learn how to handle a brush/knife/ and mediums etc. It's new media but same compositional issues. I wanted to get a sense of compression here between the bridge pressing down and the water pressing against the pilons.

Thanks Ronell. I'm enjoying moving back into winter. There is something about this season that really resonates with me visually

vivien said...

I like it :>)

colour pusher - is that the rubber tipped colour shapers? I love them for pushing paint around and scraping through it.

Gesa Griffin Alkyds are great for working outside and I only take a small container of turps for mixing if needed and a bottle of baby oil and rags for all cleaning up - me and brushes.