Monday, 12 January 2009

The Ecology Park Pond Series - an introduction

Today I've got a formal introduction to my series relating to the Ecology Park Ponds near where I live
In summary:
  • I've created a map of the ponds and named all the different ponds and bridges so I can better describe where I'm located and what the view is of
An annotated map of the Ecology Park Ponds
(click for a larger version)
  • I'm going to keep a photo diary of the ponds - in part because I enjoy photography and in part because I find that looking at the ponds through a camera helps me a lot in sorting out what are good 'views' or 'crops' for my sketches and drawings. You can see the set relating to The Ecology Park Pond on Flickr
  • I'll be developing a sketchbook for the series. I think I'm going to be getting a special sketchbook dedicated to the series. Sketches will be in pencil, coloured pencil and/or pen and ink.
  • I'll be making a series of drawings of the ponds in different months and seasons. These will be worked up from both sketches and my reference photos. Initially in coloured pencil, I'm hoping to move onto pastel as the weather gets better and I can work for longer outside. I may also have a go with watercolour and who knows I may even try acrylic or oils!
  • A monthly perspective: I aim to do one particular view each month during the course of the project. I started off thinking it would be one view - but I may change my mind about that
annotated to show where the Ecology Park is

In addition, I'm also thinking of adding in odd sketches and drawings of other water and waterways in the area - which you can see on the map below (from the guide to rivers and canals in East London).
  • the pond in Victoria Park
  • the lake in Victoria Park
  • Hertford Union Canal
  • Regents Canal.


Jeanette said...

How exciting! I love reading others plans about projects and feeding off bits to squirrel away for future use.

This will be a wonderful project as it unfolds. Different seasons, viewpoints and media. I can't wait!

Janice C. Cartier said...

These are beautiful. I look forward to your project.

vivien said...

this is going to be a lovely series :>)

my series is definitely going to be Aylestone Meadows with its 15C packhorse bridge, canal, river and Victorian bridges.

Gesa said...

I am really looking forward to this. The photos and maps are great. It reminds me of a thorough ethnography, field study: all the care and attention of observing, recording and making sense of what there is and will be. It will create such a fascinating record.
I'll be watching :)

Lindsay said...

What a rich post and project. I'm crazy about the photos you've arragned at the top; great colors and the lines are so beautiful. I also think the map you've drawn is a very interesting addition. I'm really appreciating all the diversity we have in our group.

Laureline said...

Oh, this looks very rich with possibilities! Can't wait to see what you do!

Africantapestry and Myfrenchkitchen said...

A nice layout(planning) of how you're going to take this on...can I please hire you to come and do my planning too? The photos are beautiful and this is defintely a series to look forward to!

muddy red shoes said... are so organised! I think one of the most interesting things that are coming out of this group is the many different ways of working, as diverse as personalitys, fascinating. This looks like an interesting project. Look forward to it.