Monday, 9 March 2009

More Mud Works

10" x 10"
Watercolor, ink, mud and silver acrylic ink on paper

I recieved such wonderful, enriching comments on my mud post that I thought I'd consolidate them into one large mud resourse. It also is the way I got everyone else in the group to write my post for me this month. ;>)How much more support can a person ask for? So here goes:

Vivien recommended looking at Australian aboriginal art

Vivien also had the following mixed media recommendation: "I have used sand in mine when I've been at the beach, deliberately incorporating it into oil paint - mud looks interesting"

Laura recommended the work of Richard Long : "I saw one of his circle paintings made with mud from the River Avon at the Heyward Gallery in London, round about 1993, and was moved, deeply and inexplicably."
Laura was also reminded of the work of Andy Goldsworthy.

Katherine responded with some really great links:
Richard Long's web site

And her link for Richard Long's newsletter which lists all the permanent exhibitions

If you'd like a little background information, you can read more about hiim here:
Wikipedia for Richard Long

Katherine also recommended that I produce a demo "on how clays in different places have different colours?"

After reading Katherine's comments, Larua recommended this book:Colors of The World

Gesa commented:" With a friend we did a series of experiments with mud/sand and emulsion paint and trying for different flow, speed etc."

Sarah shared the work of this guy's beautiful work :"Paul Lewin, an artist from Beside the Wave has been using the clay from where he is working to draw with. I think adding a bit is a little bit of magic, giving a sense of place on another level, even if it is just water."

Jeanette added yet another artist who uses mud and on this link, she explains how she bonds the mud to her substrate.

Ronell shared some wisdom from her beloved South Africa:"It (using mud) also reminds me of the bushmen(san) rock paintings, where they've used mud as a painting medium, bird droppings for white, charcoal for black rock and blood to colour their "paints"...some of their many materials. And how about egg white to bind the mud? Or even beeswax as you would do with restoring furniture. "

And two visitors contributed to the discussion also:

Armella Benton Studio recommended using Utrecht's modeling paste extender as a way to stabilize the mud.

Sydney Harper recommends looking at artist Jean Schulman who does batik paintings with different colors of local clay.

In the mean time, I've found yet another artist who uses clay, Deane Huff. She uses a unique process of mono prints on a clay slab using colored clays.

Thanks one and all for your muddy help and for writing my post today! We really are a "dirty" bunch.

Normally I don't double post on my blog but I can't pass up the opportunity to list all these great muddy ideas. I've also posted another muddy image on my Blog in case you want to see.


Katherine Tyrrell said...

Wow! You are seriously into mud!

I did think that it was a pity to leave all those great resource links in the comments section so I'm really pleased to see you producing this post. It's amazing how diverse mud really is and what you can create with it

Love the pic! :)

vivien said...

Great idea to pull all that good info together like this

And I like this latest one a lot

I really like Andy Goldsworthy's work

Africantapestry and Myfrenchkitchen said...

This is really great Lindsay, I love it.Hard to believe it is mud. And I can just agree, seeing all the links and information in a post is such a good idea. Good going!

Lindsay said...

Thanks Katherine, Vivien and Ronell

Katherine, I knew you'd appreicate a special post on all those links.

Vivien, I just watched Tides and Time again...the film about Goldsworthy's work and it was wonderful.

Jeanette said...

Mud would never be my first thought of a medium but it really does have potential doesn't it?

This is like an almost cutaway view of life below ground - perhaps tapping into a vein of gold :)

Very interesting stuff!

Lindsay said...

Mud is even a wierd media to me and I'm the on useing it!!
Jeanette, you got it exactly!!! I'm on to geology at the moment.

Gesa said...

Hm, this is a wonderful painting - and thanks for pulling those comments back out again, Lindsay. There may even be a point in adding something to the sidebar in terms of 'other artists who make watermarks we like' or similar?

I think this series has great potential: your mud paintings; I will ask my friend to take some pictures of the ones we did.

Laureline said...

I would LOVE to see these in person! I'll bet there's great texture and surface interest here in your combination of mediums. Your text is a rich encapsulation of the responses to your earlier post.