Wednesday, 25 March 2009

A Studio Boat Of My Own

Recently my painting activity has been water themed, sort of, with a big brush and a roller.
The sun is shining down here in Cornwall and we have made the most of the fine spring weather to sort out our new (to us) boat.

My half century is to be celebrated this summer and this is my present to myself, my very own studio boat. She was a bit shabby when we brought her but mostly sound, just in need of a little sprucing up.

Here she is at the top of the beach having all the "sheets and halyards" replaced with colour coded ropes so that I can literally "learn the ropes"

Her bottom has been scrubbed and de-barnacled ready for a distinctive new paint job, a studio boat must look the business.

The little cabin has been cleaned and painted out, there will be new cushions made so that "camping out" and catching the dawn light on the creeks and inlets will be a definite activity this summer. There are plenty of spaces to stow painting equipment as well.

The front (sorry bow, I must remember, pointy bit at the front is called the bow) is being decorated with a Celtic sea-horse, it is only in undercoat stage here, it will be cream and burgundy soon. The deck and cockpit have been painted creme to reduce the glare in the bright summer sun that we will have all summer.

And I plan to sit, Monet like, with my big hat and my painter smock, on the deck painting Cornwall from the sea, sipping a gin and tonic, watching the sun set, watching the heat of the day leave the land and thanking my lucky stars that I am old enough to have a studio boat of my own!


Katherine Tyrrell said...

WOW and triple WOW!

That is soooooooooo nice! Aren't you glad you moved to Cornwall? I can't wait to see what it's like when you've finished and what sort of paintings you can get at dawn and out on the water.

That celtic sea horse is amazing - love it!

Plus as an established professional artist painting water in Cornwall it's an absolutely essential part of your artistic tool kit - so it presumably counts as a tax write-off too? :)

Tina Mammoser said...

LOVELY! Congrats! You'll have a great time. My family had some kind of boat (speedboat tho) since I was old enough to care (about 14) and I love them. I'm better with a good 'ol motor than sails I'm afraid. ;) But you've got that British blood in you so you'll be fine.

Please post pics when you've finished sprucing up, and of course a shot of any "studio" nooks! :) Dare I say you might need to start a special Flick set for the boat?

Tina Mammoser said...

oh, and yes surely some could be a tax write-off! Just like you can take a % of your house if you work at home. I write off my touring bike costs, so a boat seems reasonable. Well, reasonable might be the wrong word. ;)

Laureline said...

So THIS is what you've been hinting at!! It is so lovely! And, wow, those warm, sunny days in Cornwall in March--that seems unusual!
How many feet long is your boat--in the US that is how we size boats, so I am just trying to figure out what size it is relative to a boat I used to have.
This is so great, Sarah, and what a perfect way to inaugurate your second half century!

Jeanette said...

ooooh lucky you! I'm positively envious. I know you'll produce amazing pieces from this boat.

When is the launch date? Champagne and photos I hope. And what are you calling her? Watermarks...:)

vivien said...

OHHHH!!!! it looks wonderful - or she looks wonderful?

How fantastic to be able to get to all the quiet beautiful little creeks and bays and paint from the sea.

The seahorse is looking amazing,

I can see loads of exciting work and KJ type prices for your work in the near future!

muddy red shoes said...

yes K, very happy to be back in Cornwall,
Tax write-off theres a thought! and a flicker set is a good plan.
She is 19 foot long with three tiny bunks.
I will definatly post pix of the champagne riddled launch and she is already called spindrift, but I could put watermarks in brackets!
Ha! Viv, KJ type prices..I wish!!

Anonymous said...

Congratuations Sarah, what an adventure awaits you this summer. I love the celtic horse and your future paintings will be something to look forward to. Enjoy all these exciting preaparations and let us know when to cork the champagne!

Gesa said...

How very cool! Yes - being old enough for some things is a good way of putting it. I hope the weather plays along and I'm looking forward to see how the boat and your studio develops.

Nina Johansson said...

Oh wow, how cool is that? Painting and sailing... Beautiful boat. Oh, wait, if you are going to sip drinks and paint, then you´ll need someone to sail the boat for you, right? I know how to sail! *nudge, nudge* :)