Monday, 22 June 2009


... with the nose firmly down and the eyes peeled to the ground, I need to remind myself to look up to the sea, the horizon or the gannets diving for some fish in the distance.

I'm torn between the sweeping seascapes - to sketch up to the horizon; and what is right in front of my nose. Well - far too often the horizon line still wins in this little contest. But look at some of my newest finds, to clutter yet more shelves and to help me imagine a faint scent of wind, salt and sun from yet another - far too rare - day out at the seashore, beachcombing.


Jeanette said...

Great series of photos you have from your beach exploration. I can't resist bringing things home either and have bits piled in jars and bowls and boxes, waiting for the right moment.

Lindsay said...

Living near Lake Michigan, I forget the vast profusion of life that's washed up on the ocean beach. I love this set of images. Could make the foundation of an interesting series of paintings.

muddy red shoes said...

Lovely pictures and wouldnt some of them make fantastic paintings. I am a big fan of looking up or down as well as along. Also so interesting to see how different some of the beach flotsam is where you are

vivien said...

That really is a great series of photos and so much potential for abstraction there.

I love taking photos like these too - I think I must make myself a folder of them to keep them together like this :>)

I'd forgotten that your lake doesn't have much wildlife like this Lindsay.

I too love beachcombing

Katherine Tyrrell said...

That's a great set of pictures Gesa. Lots of great inspiration for developing artwork - I'd be loath to try and improve on some of them. I guess that's when you begin to see that photography is an art too?

As a child I used to do my holiday beachcombing quite near you at Helensburgh and on the banks of Loch Lomond

Gesa said...

Jeanette... lol... just as well I have so little shelf space otherwise I would do the same :)
That's an interesting observation, Lindsay - I must admit I never thought of that. Will look out next time I'll be at Loch Lomond for what is missing.
Thanks for the suggestions about paintings too - I agree, in some sense I feel that abstract patterns from the next post are first in line, though.
It's interesting how we end up with these many observations, snippets and facts from our respective riverbanks, seashores, ponds and lakes. And how some place fairly close by (well... Cornwall and Scotland I'm thinking of) end up with so different shorelife. Hm... my social sciencey brain is getting thinking.
Yes, Vivien - go and organise them like this - I've now been using the Photoshop Bridge software to tag my photos (don't really like iphoto all that much) and it makes this very easy.
And I fully agree, Katherine - photography - either landscapey or very detailed can be such a powerful art form in itself. Definitely!

Laureline said...

Oh, I have similar collections of photos and objects---I LOVE seeing yours, Gesa! You're laying up great treasures for future paintings!

Africantapestry and Myfrenchkitchen said...

I undersand so well...I am also never sure if I should go for a distance of close up...