Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Vivien says I must use more watercolour!

I posted this watercolour with coloured pencil scribble on my sketchbook blog yesterday. It's so unusual that I use watercolour that it generated It's a watercolour......... as a title for the blog post!

Willow Pond 14th June 2009 5.00pm
watercolour and coloured pencil in Conté à Paris sketchbook
copyright Katherine Tyrrell

Vivien tells me that using CP on top of watercolour is an ace wau to sketch and that I should do more of it....and I agree. I do very much like the feel of CP on top of watercolour and the way that you can use it to obliterate mistakes with where the brush went!

However I'm going to have to find the right paper for working watercolour with CP on top as there are very few pages left in this very old sketchbook (from Cornelissens and started in 1991 in my pre CP sketching days!)

Any suggestions as to the best paper for watercolour and coloured pencils?

This is yet another view of Willow Pond in the Ecology Park Pond series.


Jan Pope said...

I do this often, colored pencil over watercolor, that is. I even had a piece accepted into the Explore This show this year. These two media just seem to work so well together. And for those of us who just can't quite master watercolor, it lets us pick up the brush again. Visit my blog, tintsandhues, or my website, www.backcreekgallery.com sometimes to see a few more mixed media pieces.

Paper wise - I use Magnani Acquerello Portofino, a hot press watercolor paper and Magnani Pesica, a cold press paper, but without such a rough surface. Both come in pads with lots of sizes. I use them for straight colored pencil work as well as mixed media works.

I've not been able to find a sketchbook that meets the needs of watercolor, colored pencil and general sketching yet. It will be interesting to see what others have to say on that subject.

muddy red shoes said...

I have, found the sketchbook that meets the needs...moleskine watercolour sketchbooks, just right, and in lots of different sizes now.
Well, I am glad to see that the step out of your comfort zone has had such successful results.

Lindsay said...

YEs!! More watercolor. I really do like this one alot!

vivien said...

see - they all agree!

seriously - I think this has more depth and intensity and sense of place than the cp alones and a lovely variety of marks

- it's so easy to swish certain things down with watercolour, whereas they have to be built up with cp.

ooops another looooooong sentence! sorry - the fingers run away with me and punctuation is left brain!

and cp hazed over can add glows of light or darkness, bring in complementary colours - I love using it this way.

Yes, the huge new folio moleskine for sure - very big :>)

And also the Canson hard back with a red cover and black corners is lovely to use. That's the one I was using in Cornwall. I had to go to Great Art to find it - and I find their site a nightmare to navigate, it was hard to find. I think it's about 11 inches wide by 9 deep approx

Anonymous said...

I agree with Sarah in terms of watercolour sketch books...the moleskine's paper is very nice, I enjoy it, for both watercolour and drawing. And the bigger size is perfect now, I always struggled with the smaller moleskine.
In terms of watercolour blocks, I work on Fabriano artistico, both the normal white and extra white and I use only HP...I think for your watercolour/pencil work a fine surface like the HP would work best.
This is great K, we need to see more of these!

Jeanette said...

This is a great piece! I agree, do more!! Mixed media is always fun to experiment with. I've used cp over watercolour as well. Its wonderful to enhance an image.

I don't know if there is anything that is the ideal surface for a marriage of the two, but I'd lean towards a smoother surface depending on the effect you want to achieve.

annie said...

Oh, yes, Katherine, do more. When I see your pencil work in thumbnails (like your Venice Monet study) my first impression is that each is a watercolor until I see each one
enlarged. I'm not sure how to put it, but you seem to have the "watercolorist's touch."