Sunday, 28 June 2009

Salty old Sea Dogs on a Saturday Night

A tonic for my recent disappointment regarding not getting selected for an exhibition (which, in all honesty was probably much too high brow for me) I set sail, out into Falmouth Bay on a glorious sunny evening. Armed with a bottle of smooth red wine, the faithful art hound and my dear tame mariner I am going to let rip with the old watercolours and catch the evening light, as difficult to corner as a shole of fish but here goes.

Evening Coastline, Falmouth Bay. Watercolour 40 cm x 40 cm, 16 inches x 16 inches.
As the light falls behind the land colours start to change, detail is lost and the sea holds many hues.

Lots of water, lots of paint, layers running into one another, suggestions of fields and trees on the coastline.

Last Light, Pendennis Point. Watercolour 50cm x 40cm or 20 inches x 16 inches
The setting sun colours the sky, leaving the sea to turn a silky indigo.

Bands of light stretch across the bay as another day is put to bed.

This, for me, is possibly the very best way to spend a Saturday night!


Jeanette said...

Jaw droppingly fabulous pieces. The colours are jewel-like, as only the end of day can provide.

I just love the blues and purples in the first piece. Then those golden skies and that glitter on the water - who needs London exhibits? This surpasses them all.

René PleinAir. said...

[This, for me, is possibly the very best way to spend a Saturday night!]

So there you have it, ... you've been selected, only not to join the exhibition but to watch this marvelous one.

Wonderful work, I wish you lots an lots of these Saturday nights

Katherine Tyrrell said...

These are absoluitely gorgeous!

You should do this more often - only could you get the tame mariner to hold the video camera next time so we can see you painting them?

Lindsay said...

Great consolation prize. Sorry you did not get into the show. But nothing like more work to make you feel better. Beautiful wc on a rockig boat... and I know that's tough.

vivien said...

These are absolutely wonderful - you've caught the changing light of the sunset so well and they are just glorious :>)

My favourite by a narrow margin is the third one, just so evocative of the place and light to me.

A video would be good :>)

Lisa Purcell said...

Most of my favorite old master artists failed to get into the shows during their time. You are in good company. I would rather be with your old sea dog in any event.

EH said...

Great post, great paintings a great time obviously...
as always everything is good for something!

Pequete said...

Don't be disappointed, an exhibition is just an exhibition and the fact that you were not selected doesn't mean you're less good than the onees who were. There's nothing more subjective than an art show jury, really, just look at the dozens of cases of famous artists who've been excluded from such events.
One thing I know, I love your work.

Laureline said...

Oh, but these are just gorgeous---Sarah, you outdid yourself AND that silly old exhibition. I am in love with each and every one of these.

Robyn said...

Jawdroppingly beautiful!

A video would be most appreciated!

seesue said...

Oh Yeah Baby!

Africantapestry and Myfrenchkitchen said...

Beautiful Sarah...all those favourite being that dramatic second last one...!