Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Water in a Japanese Garden

My usual choice of watery subjects are rivers, estuary or sea. Here I have been drawn to water on another level altogether. A small koi pond in a beautifully peaceful Japanese Garden. The slow rhythm of a dripping bamboo spout, the perfect circles on the water and the fleeting flashes of Koi beneath the surface calm the senses. While the cool greens and mixed textures of moss and ferns sooth the mind. To watch such things bring a powerful feeling of peace, to paint them busies the mind but also smooths out the furrows.

A3 Moleskine sketchbook. Watercolour.


Katherine Tyrrell said...

Lovely peaceful colours Sarah. Plus a bit of a Japanese touch to the composition as well I think! :)

Anonymous said...

A lovely watercolour Sarah...you've indeed captured the serenity!

Maree said...

Lovely workmanship Sarah! Very well done.


vivien said...

beautifully tranquil :>) soothing to the soul

Jeanette said...

There is something soothing about slow moving water and lots of greenery. You have that stillness and peace in this piece.