Sunday, 9 August 2009

Waves in progress

Last weekend I drove to Pouch Cove and Bauline and watched the waves and whales off the coast, took some photos and came away inspired. Inspiration had to wait til this weekend to take form however, so is the fate of artists who have to work a day job too.

Last night I started a large (20 x 30) oil painting of one of waves breaking over the rocks in Pouch Cove. The movement is very hypnotic and the colours in the water are wonderful in terms of light and shape.

So far I have blocked in colour and am now starting to develop some shading to the water, rocks and the wave itself. I want a more impressionistic image than pure realism. I want to show the strength of the ocean and the gentle colours without it becoming a chocolate box lid, as so many seascapes are and what it looks like at this stage of the painting.

There is no sky in this piece, it will be all water which brings its own set of challenges. Waterscapes are so complex with lighting changing constantly on the surface and in the movement of a wave as it crests. Watching that movement and light over and over helps me know the anatomy of a wave and understand how the shape is formed and how the light shines through the thinner sections of the wall of water.

I'm lucky to have the ocean on my doorstep as a constant model to refer to.


Katherine Tyrrell said...

Nice idea Jeanette - and a good start too!

Have you taken a look at the paintings which Duane Keiser recently completed while in Maine. He's also been focusing just on waves.

Here's a link

Jeanette said...

Its an interesting process to develop the water.

And yes, I have seen Duane's paintings of the coast in Maine. They're fabulous.

vivien said...

an interesting project - I loved painting the wild waves in Sennen in May in this way, analysing what is happening and the dynamics in oils and sketches

and I so agree about some being so chocolate boxy! these aren't ;>D

Make sure the power is there as they develop - waves have a really scary power and strength behind them.

I like those of Duane Keiser

Lindsay said...

Interesting series. There are so many moods, lights, energy levels that you'll have plenty of challenge doing this!

I really envy you your access to the ocean.

Anonymous said...

those waves already look beautiful Jeanette, it has lovely dynamics!
Yip, you are lucky indeed1