Thursday, 13 August 2009

Wave WIP - update

I've added more layers to the water, but its still not doing quite what I want yet. I have a broader base of colours now in the water and rocks and have blocked in the water behind the wave. However, I want the water behind to read flatter and calmer and its not that right now.

The close ups here show more of the detail of the development of the rocks and the water moving over them, leaving pools and rivulets in its wake.

The crest of the wave and the foam on top of it is basic and will be refined more, modeling the form of the wave as I progress.


Katherine Tyrrell said...

Well it looks to me like it's coming along very nicely! It may be at the 'inbetween stage' right now but I'm sure you'll get there in the end. Plus I guess you'll be learning lots along the way!

vivien said...

it is indeed coming on nicely - you are getting that churning of surf around rocks - just needing that little push to complete

- the bit that takes twice as long as the earlier stages with lots of thinking time and is twice as difficult!