Monday, 26 October 2009

Dawn finished at last

Dawn, 40 inch canvas, oil. Vivien Blackburn

Finally finished. It proved a nightmare to photograph - the subtle colour changes just aren't picked up well enough. They show a little better in the details below.

I wanted to catch that early morning light as the darkness is chased away by the amber colours of dawn. The sea is calm and the rocks only half seen. The glow catches the top of the far cliffs and the tops of some of the wet rocks.

The horizon doesn't really slope - it's the photographer who had a bit of a list to port.

Below is a morning light painting I did plein air - one of the several sources that this developed from. The tide here is a little further out and daylight further advanced.

if you click on the above image you can see further work on Cornwall.


Laureline said...

Glorious, absolutely glorious! Congratulations, Vivien!

Katherine Tyrrell said...

I absolutely agree with Laura - it's absolutely gorgeous.

Now if you could just do a series of the same view at two hourly intervals.........?

(PS I find those blue violets are an absolute *&^%!! to pick up accurately)

Lindsay said...

This has a very mystical feeling. You have such drama too! Too bad we can't all see in in person. I bet all those golds G-L-O-W.

Laureline said...

Like Lindsay, I'd LOVE to see this (and all of Vivien's work) in person!

muddy red shoes said...

yes, me too, to get the scale and see those colours as well. Lovely job Vivien

vivien said...

thank you so much everyone :>)

well .... I really do want to spend some time there on a painting holiday next year, with painting friends - just need to gather up a suitable group.

There is a 5 bedroomed house with this view .....

and yes, certain colours are an absolute swine to photograph :>(

Africantapestry and Myfrenchkitchen said...

This is beautiful Vivien!! so dramatic, it doens't want to let me go! Well done