Saturday, 17 October 2009

Fair Isle's Beauty

Dave Wheeler
Yoal hauled up above the sea foam

I subscribe to Nature Conservancy's weekly pod casts and this story about an American family's move to Scotland's Fair Isle captured my imagination. This remote, storm buffeted island is remarkable for not only its beauty but the tenacity of it's inhabitants as you will hear about in the pod cast.

After visiting the Fair Isle Web Site, I found not only a couple of live web cams but the most extraordinary photographs by Dave Wheeler His photography takes my breath away and I had a very hard time deciding which sea scapes to choose to illustrate this post.Many thanks for his kind permission. You can see more of his work on Fair Island here.

I've already begun to casually mention in several dinner time conversations how much I'd like to take a work camp vacation on Fair Isle. I'd probably have to commit to nightly back rubs to sweeten the deal.


Jeanette said...

It looks beautiful there Lindsay. Very rugged, rather like here in some ways.

I think a little trip would be well on it. :)

vivien said...

absolutely beautiful

Lindsay said...

Jeanette, I thought so too! There must be some geologic reason for the similarities...maybe Katherine knows.

We have to put this on the "must visit" list too!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Lindsay! the whole of Scotland is just captivating...scenery as well as people!

Laureline said...

I knitted my daughter Kate a Fair Isle sweater when she was 4---does that count for something? ;D. Wow is all I can say, and I've lived in Scotland! These photos are totally seductive to me, as they are to you. Thank you, Lindsay, for adding yet another Must See place to my list. That is, I THINK I thank you ;D.