Thursday, 15 October 2009

Last Canoe Trip of the Season :>(

Last month, Craig and I had a chance to, once again, canoe the lovely Kishwaukee River. This class "A" river was a bit low on this day. The water was warm which was very convenient as we had to float the boat over a few sand bars.

As you can see from the videos, the weather was clear and warm in the early afternoon, then later, we broke out the ponchos for my first rainy canoe trip. I'm embarrassed to say, that the first mate grumbled a bit when directed by El Capitain to go back and pack the ponchos even though the sun was shining. The ponchos were perfect and we both remained dry and cheerful.

This week, we have had freezing temps and I'm afraid that this was our last trip of the season. I will miss Dry Sherry, her silver hull shining only from metallic luster (not leaking water) as we bed her down for the winter.


Katherine Tyrrell said...

I so enjoy the sound track on your videos as well as the views. I bet you could sell 'white noise' CDs of that sound for relaxing stressed out town dwellers who yearn to be back in the country!

Anonymous said...

What tranquil images! Something to look forward to the next season

Lindsay said...

It's funny but I never think directly about the sound but you are right...part of the tranquil nature environment.

Yes, Ronell..sniff sniff...Things to look forward to for Spring.

vivien said...

Happy memories to take you through the winter :>)

and maybe time to reflect and sketch/paint at a leisurely pace? no pressures of producing, just playing :>)

Lindsay said...

Vivien, you are so right! I'm working on a Watermarks post about this very issue. I awoke one day this week and suddenly felt so much LIGHTER in my heart and art.Sigh of relief.

Jeanette said...

I do love that feeling of peace on a body of water like this one. There is something so appealing about just floating along with manpower only. You really get to observe the land and water and wildlife.

Spring will be back before you know it and you'll be out again.

muddy red shoes said...

Lovely, rain on water! I also like the low in the water view that a canoe gives you.

Lindsay said...

Jeanette, you don't have much "peace" with all your heaving seas!

Sarah, I wondered if you have to dry dock your boat for the winter. Or is it warm enough in southern England to keep the boat in the water year round.